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Terre is a world with diverse topographys, environments, and cultures. Terre is made up of four major continents and governnments: Westray and the Vrenian Empire, Trias and the Quartus Concord, Nuxfar and the Krare Dynasty, and Briar and the Medorian Coast. There are other small islands scattered throughout the sea, all with their own forms of leadership and thriving cultures.

Terre was once swarmed by the choatic elemental planes bleeding onto the material plane. Great wind storms swirling around boulders and fire. Hurricanes knocking over mountains and submerging the coast. Elemental beast, dragons, humaiods and god-like creatures roamed most of the world, however their were small groups of people and more natural beasts that were learning to withstand the elements. Tieflings and dragonborns guided by fire genasi tribes could move throughout lands of fire and volcano; tritans and sea elves formed alliances with the merfolk of the deep; families of moutain dwarves and rock gnomes intermixed navigating great tunnels of crystals and stones; and aarocakra and air genasis withstanding wind storms atop the highest peaks. The shadow realm and fey realm, while their prescense could be felt at this time, they never influenced the material plane as greatly.

Many many centuries have passed however. People have come together and formed communities, cities, and governments. They have raised up gods, and pushed the elemental planes back, allowing the forests, creatures, and cultures to flourish. With the emergence of socities, the creation of gods, and the realignment of the planes came new challenges. Beasts still roam in the untamed wild, governments wage war amongst each other, and an unknown powerful creature rises from the shadows...

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