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Prevalent Organizations

While individual towns and cities may have certain guilds, these three organizations, some small and some big, appear across continents.

The Seeker’s Archive: A loose organization that specializes in tracking, uncovering, and keeping of information of all kinds, even works from demons and liches. One can file a request for information that is either on their shelves or that the members must discover. They have no agency or power with nobles, councils, or kings and queens. Because of this lack of allegiance, many governements allow for members set up in their countries, however, they might keep a close eye on what information is being distributed. While their places of archives may be few and small, behind most places of study or training is a member of the Seeker’s Archives. They believe in being knowledgeable, and making information public to the sometimes ignorant townspeople or even nobles. This, they hope, routes out corruption, and gives power and opportunities to those that believe themselves powerless. While this organization does not worship The Enlightened, they do align themselves with them. Their symbol is a scroll, and might appear at the bottom of scrolls or the back of books. In some towns, like that Winson, a town in eastern Westray, dedicate their libraries to the Seeker's Archive.

The Old Lord’s Watch: Formally created by a small group of elder priests and retired adventurers of both the empire and the dynasty, this organization has a plethora of goals, and are fewer in locations than the Seeker’s Archives. Towns that have an Old Lord’s Watch only actually have about three to seven members, making it hard to idetify where the oraginization's locations are. Sometimes the members sit around and play games or cook up a meal, other times they hire or send members to hunt down beasts, or in extreme cases will rise up as a militia to defeat a local terrorizing goblin clan. They kind of do whatever their town needs them to, whether that be small like repairing an inn or something bigger, but also, the guild is an excuse for retired adventurers and others to hang out. The original priests were that of the Mistress of Passing, and while many members are no longer priests and don’t care too much about a unifying mark, their symbol is a sun to pay homage to their creation. The organization in the past three decades has recently reached the shores of Trias.

Order of the Unchained: This organization, while very big, seems to constantly be disappearing and reappearing. This is the main criminal syndicate within Westray, while that title may sound bad, and at times the members and their actions live up to it, they mainly import and export both legal and illegal goods. Their organization name is well known, but their members are not nor their locations. Many report back to their local "boss," the indivdual in charge of a specific location. It is unknown if their is a larger leader, or if the syndicate only operates in a smaller independent chain of command. Oftentimes, when you hear of them, they have already completed their job. Their many jobs range from targeting an individual, retrieving pricey artifacts or items, and smuggling people and goods. Their identifying symbol is not known.
Known Locations And Npcs:

Order of the Unchained: Stonebridge and Cipher

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