League of the Five Bands

Public Agenda

No members are to be considered higher than the others. No playing with extraplanar forces, particularly with spirits, gods, and other entities. No standing armies. The Phoenix Brigade will deal with anything a town guard can't.


Formed from the Grand Alliance which defeated the Witch King of Lazulyan. After winning the war, the leaders had to wait three months for Virgo to recover from healing the army. During that time, a temporary network of portals was set up between the capitals. The major wounds upon the lands and peoples were tended to in the interim. Xerxes took control of Lazulyan and selected a young boy to start grooming as the future king, serving as a sort of regent until then. The various tribes of central Londe dispersed, with the majority seeking to return to their ancestral lands, but several tribes constituting a significant minority remained in the area with Roxana. Soryn and the Sovereign Order of The Phoenix secured the site of the final encounter with the Witch King, building a statue of Damien to hold Excalibur itself as well as fortifications and buildings.   Once Virgo recovered, the Last Heroes met each other at Lazulyan after months apart. After informing each other of what they'd accomplished in the meantime, they adjourned to the throne room to discuss the futures of their people.
Founding Date
434 PD
Political, International
Alternative Names
The Grand Alliance
Predecessor Organization


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