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Dr. Lilith Kane

Dr. Lilith Kane

A recent medical program graduate, Lilith was drafted away to a foreign country to work in a remote village. "Plague Doctor" they call them, the mask does not aid the problem. But as the only academic in the small town of Sathe's Crater, they might get into things that start to veer away from the medical and into the mysterious...

Physical Description

Apparel & Accessories

As required as part of their contract as medical personal, whenever out and able to provide medical assistance, they must wear an identifying red armband.

Mental characteristics


Lilith enrolled in the HGMAI's House of Medical Education to study while they continued to work a fish stall at the markets to fund this education. Although general practice and surgery based careers were subsidized heavily as a result of HGMAI, Lilith wanted to pursue a more investigative field and travel abroad to research international medical practice; this was not a priority for Harelen, therefore, one wishing to study for these purposes was required to pay. The part-time work wasn't the best paying however paired with money borrowed from their parents and savings they had stored up it would be enough. Unfortunatly disaster struct their uncles fishing boat, and he was forced to downgrade. From then on the fish produced went exclusively to export and once the school discovered their lack of funds Lilith was transferred. The school saw promise in them as a prime candidate for their new initive and sent them out for field experience in Cadaver. Here the young student, though down trodden, excelled, catching the eye of officials selecting doctors for an exchange project with the neighboring nation of Eilif. Eilif lacked medical professionals almost completely, with it's populace ignorant of many basics of health aside from cleanliness and basic dietary knowadge. Until recently it had been viewed as a uncivilized and savage country and to a degree it still was, but with the Collective's rise to power and the recent gossip about the romance between it's leader and Queen Seye it had gained some attention on the world stage. This didn't ease Litiths fears whatever, infact if anything would not the people of a small town been even more hostile to an imposter sent from an alliance formed by a new brutish leader? But this job could be a stepping stone to the career they dreamed of...

Personality Characteristics


Desire: Wishes to earn a research position so they can be the first to study their obsession fats field Fear: They fear their own inadequacy and the harm it may cause not only to others but their goals. Misbelief: Naive view on how good has succeeded over evil rather than it being a constant battle with more always to do in the world.? (Not really happy with this anymore)


Hobbies & Pets

Lilith upon their arrival to their government-assigned accommodation was adopted by a rook. She has not yet told them her name.


Dmitry Holt

Friend (Vital)

Towards Dr. Lilith Kane




Dr. Lilith Kane

Friend (Vital)

Towards Dmitry Holt




Wealth & Financial state

All their essential needs are covered by the national government of the location they are deployed in as per HGMAI policy.  
Current Residence
Mid-lengh curly auburn red hair, mullet
Other Affiliations

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