The Thrinoi

Traditional worship service in the Pankomisa venerated on the day of Rasca's fall


The fall of Rasca was a traumatic experience for the eastern remnant of the empire. In Komneia, mourning was unorganized and unprompted when news of the old city's fall was announced in the streets. The mourners congregated at Agías Anáktisis and began the traditional wailing and prayer made on the day of Rasca's fall. Over time, the unorganized tradition was adopted by the Patriarch of the Pankomisa and became a day of solemn remembrance for the fall of the empire.


On the 1st of Caille, the beginning of the new year, requiem mass is held in Agías Anáktisis and is attended by the Prince/Princess themself. Leading the congregation is the holy Patriarch who leads the people in lamentations, beginning the service with a quotation from "Semper Actius" the story of the journey of the five thousand,

"stous anémous pou érchontai díno ó,ti écho"
"to the coming winds, I give all I have"

Now the congregation acclaims three times,

"Pity, pity us oh lord"

Stories are read of the past, stories of heroes, of their piety and their humility. These stories are typically set in the times of the old republic as it is a period that is less understood than other eras of Rasennan history. After these stories are read, the service finishes with a reading of the prose "Sing Little Bird", a work detailing emotions surrounding the fall of the city and the feeling of the citizens of the Principality in the aftermath. The work is generally credited to Patriarch Medon, the leader of the faith in the aftermath of the city's sacking. As the procession leaves the cathedral, the bells of the nearby towers are rung until everyone inside the cathedral departs.

Components and tools

At the beginning of the congregation, the bells ring four times. This is done for the first four months of the year. After the congregation has concluded and the procession passes the royal entrance of the cathedral, the bells ring eight times once again for the next eight months of the year. Only during the saying of the reclamation prayer does the fifth bell ring, signifying the month of Ferras, the month that Rasca fell.


The service is led by the sitting Patriach and presided over by the Prince/Princess of Komneia


On the 1st of Caille
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