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The First Giant

The life and death of Aurelmir, the first being in existence according to a vast amount of cultures of the world


In Iolan tradition, the first sentient being in the universe was the giant Aurelmir who sprang from a mixture of chaotic forces like fire and ice. Aurelmir's life was near endless sorrow as soon after his birth he experienced profoundly deep loneliness and sadness due to his solitude in an isolated world that could not support life. Aurelmir wandered the barren world in an almost trance as life for the lonely giant was boring and lethargic. When the giant rested he created the valleys and the mountains and every night, the giant would cry vast tears that flooded the barren world and stopped land from forming.
  In some telling's of the story, Aurelmir's loneliness is broken when he begins conversing with an abstract version of the world itself, called Jord, literally meaning "the world" in the Iolan language. It is this spark of friendship that would see sad Aurelmir's tears stop flooding the world and finally allow land to form. Aurelmir and Jord would talk of many things as the world told long, heroic tales of future lives and events to the sorrowful giant who finally rested easy in the comfort of a newly found friend. Jord and Aurelmir's friendship would be the only comfort the lonely giant would know as his creation would inspire the creation of the first god, Ranir. Ranir was born under the roots of the world tree to Nila and it would be in Ranir that Aurelmir would meet his destined doom. Cast towards each other in a fated meeting of fate, Ranir was flung toward his destiny and the god killed the lonely giant and formed a grand vision for the world he now resided over. From old Aurelmir's last salty tears came the Jotnar, the first race of mortals and the eternal rivals of the slayers of their forefather. Other parts of Aurelmir gave life to the world, his blood fertilized the rough oceans and gave the world all manner of fish, his skinned flesh blanketed the hard ground and made it suitable for growth and his eyes became the two moons resting in the night sky, eternally watching over his only friend in life.

Historical Basis

The oldest story likened to this one comes from the lands of the far north, the lands of Drauheim where sagas are told of the seven days of creation when a giant reindeer was butchered by the first god, formed from the eternally raging sea Brakja. The reindeer's veins became rivers, its fur became the dense forests, its stomach became the oceans, and its horns became mountains.


Told among huddled peoples in the dead of winter, Aurelmir's memory lives on in the memories of those who consider themselves blood of the Giants and thus, Aurelmir's bloodline lives on in the supposed spawn of his people's worst enemy.

Variations & Mutation

Various names for Aurelmir and variations on his myth exist with names like Brinmir, Balina, and Audelmar. Sometimes Aurelmir is dismembered by other beings created by Jord, these are sometimes called the three siblings of fate as they are often three of kin, sometimes brothers, who kill Aurelmir and use various parts of his body to create the world as they see fit. The three men are sometimes called "Orlagr" or fates as they supposedly had the power to see to the end of time and would guide the span of time until the worlds end.

Cultural Reception

In most cultures, the story of the first god killing the first giant is seen as a just and good act as it gave rise to a vibrant and diverse world enjoyed by all today. However, to a certain few who claim to cling to the old ways, Aurelmir or whatever the storyteller says his name is, is betrayed by a jealous and feeble "god" and slain for no other reason than bloodlust. In one last defiant act, Aurelmir's spilled blood spawns a rival race of giants who are driven by the death of their progenitor to be eternally at war with the gods.
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