Speak of the Halsats

Speak of the Halsats so regal and royal,
Speak of the Halsats so jovial and loyal.
We sons of the sun so valiant and hung,
Listen to this song we've already sung.

We love the Gwerin backbite,
We love the Gwerins, stout in the fight.
Good Gwerins, spot you for miles,
Shoot you dead with their stern smiles.

We love angry folk from Kantrya.
We love their golden mantra.
One from Kanty to hold the knife,
Another from Kanty to plow your wife!

The highlands and lowlands so rough,
Who forgets the Haklans, soooo tough.
Big men swing their swords!
The Haklans swing some more!

No praise for those Salic men,
No praise for their shoddy demesne.
No praise for those cocksuckers,
No praise for those motherfuckers.
Fuck you Salic Men!


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