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Rymr and Stalmadr

Iolan telling of the god Rymr's encounter with "Stalmadr".


On his travels, the Iolan sky god Rymr spots a shining glint on the ground, traveling down to see what the shining object is, Rymr discovers a man surrounded in iron who challenges the god to break through his impervious armor. Three times Rymr strikes the man and three times his sword bounces off the man's armor. Eventually the man is so bored that he falls asleep and topples over Rymr who is stuck under his leg and unable to move. When the giant wakes he says that Rymr has struck him three times and it is only right that now he should strike Rymr three times. Suddenly, the man shoots lightning from his armor and in three strikes the sky god is brought to his knees in utter shock. Questioning how someone who the gods have never heard of can wield such power, Rymr is shocked when the man explains that he has no memory of his previous life up until his encounter with Rymr and that his power comes from the gods themselves and perhaps even from Rymr's lightning. In the end, Rymr feels humbled and the two leave on friendly terms as Rymr wishes him well and names him Stalmadr, literally "steel man" and Stalmadr walks away as the only being in existence to feel Rymr's strike and walk away as the god's friend.

Historical Basis

Myths of giant "steel men" shooting lightning from their eyes are found in much of the northern peoples of the world. Stalmadr is a tale unlike other Iolan ones where the two combatants leave on friendly terms with the normally abrasive and rash Rymr meeting his match and truly being humbled by an unknown opponent. Stalmadr seemingly disappears from mythology and cannot be called upon by the gods when they fight the various monsters they will face come the end of the world.


Told among the Herodi and Iolans, the tale of Rymr and Stalmadr is a peculiar one among both cultures. Stalmadr's power is unlike any seen by the god until that point and Rymr is known as a well traveled warrior god who's bravery is only matched by his strength and skill with his sword.

Variations & Mutation

In some tellings of the story, Rymr is humbled by Stalmadr and instead of befriending the iron giant, he strikes Stalmadr as he turns his back to him thus killing him dishonorably.
Date of Setting
Archaic Age


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