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Röskr and the Island of Ukiah

The tale of the giant Röskr and his great pushing of the flaming Mount Duna from the mainland of Iola out to the Oselian Sea where the island of Ukiah now resides.


The Great Green Giant of Ukiah, Röskr was a notable son of the famed giant Attagur and giantess Grænni. In myth he was characterized by his friendship with humans, taking after his father in this regard. Many tales are told of the friendly Röskr's interactions with humans, but the most famous was when the nearby Mount Duna began spitting hot fire from its gaping maw, Röskr did all he could to stop the calamity. Either placing large stones to block the fire, or plugging up the exhaust vents of poisoning smoke, Röskr began running out of ways to prevent the mountain from destroying the nearby village of humans he protected. It was out of desperation that the deed Röskr is most famous for came about as with the help of the strongest men from the village, Röskr forged a great pickaxe, dug to the depths of the ocean, dividing Mount Duna from the mainland, and with a great big push and tremendous exertion, began pushing the Mountain out to sea. Despite the crashing waves threatening his life, Röskr persevered, running on sheer bravery and duty, he pushed and pushed the flaming mountain away from those in danger from it. At the cost of his life, he pushed that fiery mountain out to sea, and with a final bellowing breath, Röskr fell beneath the waves and perished.

The sacrifice of that brave giant is well known, a raised area of a coral reef in the Oselian Sea meandering from the coast of Húsavík to the shores of Ukiah is thought to be the remains of the mighty Röskr. After his death, Mount Duna ceased spitting fire and forged the island of Ukiah, a land known for its fertile volcanic soil. When settlers reached the island, they remembered the tale of Röskr the Sturdy and raised a great pillar to him. Today, the patron of the island of Ukiah is not any god or great king but a Jotun, a hero born of the world's blood and who himself had quite the impact on the landscape around the Iolans of today.


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