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Rhys de Brugge

2nd Lord of Brugge Rhys ap Gabriel de Brugge

The older of the two de Brugge brothers and a firm ally of his cousin Dafyd during his famous rebellion. Was himself famous for his defiance during his execution after the defeat at Hywel.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Son of Garbiel de Brugge and his Gwerin wife Meave Mefredeal, sister of Gwynwyr Mefredeal, and Aunt of Dafyd Mefredeal. Over the course of his life, Rhys and his older cousin Dafyd were especially close as Rhys often stayed at the ancestral castle of his mother's family. There, at Mathradal, Rhys learned traditional Gwerin archery, he fenced and sparred with Dafyd and became a squire for his uncle Gwynwyr who often took the boy with him on trips to the capital at Caistnac for audiences with King Romel. An often-referenced game of some courtiers in this time was "Chasing the Mouse" as it was called, that where Rhys was, Dafyd was often close and where Dafyd was, one could find Gwynwyr Mefredeal not long after. Rhys' time in the court of the king was ended when his father died and Rhys returned to Brugge to claim the lordship of the castle and surrounding region as his birthright entailed.

As 2nd Lord of Brugge, Rhys was a martially inclined landowner and spent some of his personal fortunes on upgrading his personal retinue of men from around 200, to nearly a thousand men of his household guard led by his younger brother Garen. By the time Dafyd asked him to join in his conflict with Count Corbin of Soulin, the de Brugge estate commanded a formidable group of trained men at arms which aided Dafyd greatly in his conflict. However, the conflict with Soulin did not cease with the latter's defeat but instead carried on to the court of Caistnac who had refused to settle the matter peaceably. This was chalked up by many, including Rhys, as a general disdain for Gwerin affairs by the court in Caistnac and so, Dafyd and his allies refused to lower their banners and staged an armed uprising against the crown.

Initially very successful, the Gwerin revolt attracted many who felt disgruntled with the aged Merobaud regime and after some time and early victories, Dafyd was persuaded to acclaim himself as Prince of Powyar and create an official court for his new state being formed. In the meantime, Rhys and Garen led raiding parties into southern Vaseau where they focused on burning and destroying productive stretches of land in order to induce the populace to either hid in fortified towns and cities or rise up in revolt and defect to the side of the rebels. While the de Brugges raided Vaseau, Dafyd himself led forces that took the key castles of Garif, Cudrow, and Harlane in eastern Powyar.

However, all this success would backfire as the Kingdom was thrown into crisis and unable to deal with the rebels. This chaos was the perfect opportunity afforded to one Tancred de Marteau, the illustrious Mayor of the Palace in Caistnac who took greater control of the Kingdom and led a force of his own down south in order to snuff out rebellion in Powyar. Deploying similar tactics as those used by Rhys and Garen, the Mayor forced the Gwerins to fight, a fight that looked more and more to be approaching at the stretch of land called Hywel.

The fighting at Hywel was a chaotic and confusing affair as scouting was difficult due to foggy weather in the area beforehand. A party led by Rhys eventually found the Halsat encampment and reported back to the Prince. When the fighting broke out, the initial Gwerin assault proved to rattle the Halsats and with engaged defense, the Gwerin archers were able to soften the Halsat lines and force some into a rout. The battle swung when the Halsat chevaliers, led by the Mayor's son Odo, smashed into the left flank of the Gwerin lines and left Rhy's brother Garen dead in the melee, dropping the banner of the army. Rhys was too preoccupied on the right flank, holding off the Mayor himself to assist Dafyd's counter-attack which initially proved deadly for the Chevaliers who were bogged down by thick mud and could not scale a hill to withdraw. Rhys received conflicting news on the right, first that the left had faltered, next that Dafyd had counter-attacked and successfully thrown the cavalry back and the final news being of the Prince's death and the folding of the line.

The rebellion had failed, the army routed, and in the fighting after, Rhys was taken prisoner by roaming Calvares who took him to the Mayor where he was bound and marched back to the capital. There he was quickly and hurriedly tried for treason and sentenced to death. Rhys spent a year in captivity, beaten and tortured before he was finally marched to his place of execution. Rhys was beaten often by the crowd, mockingly bestowed a garland of oak, and acclaimed as "King of the Gwerins". Effigies of him were raised on sticks and burned, children stabbed at his ankles and knees with tiny pincers and one blacksmith placed burning hot tongs on his ear, searing the flesh to the bone. As Rhys ascended the platform, he was stripped naked and brutalized as he was hung until he lost conscienceness, revived with cold water, and then disemboweled and hung a second time. Rhys died after this and his head was cut off and mounted on a pike, and his body was thrown into the Abruis. Rhys was quietly mourned in Powyar and legends of his stoic indifference to the suffering inflicted upon him endeared him and eulogized him and his cause into the minds of all Gwerin men, women, and children for ages since.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Aided his cousin in his war with the Count of Soulin
Successfully led raids into southern Vaseau
Commanded the right flank of the Powyar army against Tancred de Marteau at Hywel

Morality & Philosophy

Victory or Death

Personality Characteristics


Aid his cousin in establishing an independent realm for the Gwerins

Virtues & Personality perks


Vices & Personality flaws



Family Ties

Son of Gabriel de Brugge and Meave Mefredeal
Older Brother of Garen de Brugge
Cousin of Dafyd ap Gwynwyr Mefredeal
Husband of Noémie de Deniau.
Grandfather of Celia de Brugge

Social Aptitude

Quiet and typically more reserved than his cousin Dafyd and his brother Garen who both shared a boisterous personality. Rhys was well known for his calculating mind and ability to say the right thing with as few words as needed. He never became as well-loved a figure as his brother or his cousin, but he was respected as a man capable in his duty and undying loyalty to the cause of Gwerin freedom.


Rhys de Brugge


Towards Noémie de Deniau

Noémie de Deniau


Towards Rhys de Brugge

Current Location
Other Ethnicities/Cultures
Date of Birth
5th of Herrena
Date of Death
21st of Larza
610 A.E 651 A.E 41 years old
Circumstances of Birth
1st child of Gabriel de Brugge and Meave Mefredeal
Circumstances of Death
Publicly executed after his public torture after being captured after the Battle of Hywel
Brugge, Southern Vaseau
Place of Death
Caistnac, Vaseau
Dark Blue
Long, Shaggy, Dirty Blond with long mustache
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
180 lbs
Quotes & Catchphrases
"Kill me and be done with it, but do not call me traitor to a King who never earned my loyalty."
Mundana Ecclesia
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations
Known Languages


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