Odo de Marteau

Prince of Tiranar Odo de Marteau (a.k.a. The Iron Prince)

The Iron Prince of Tiranar, the younger son of Tancred de Marteau and Yasmina Muhamira. Odo de Marteau would be known as a capable military leader and the martial power behind his family's ascension to the throne of Tiranar.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Odo was known as a hefty man with broad shoulders and thick thighs. Unlike his father and older brother, Odo excelled at athletic endeavors and proved his potential for martial success from a young age with talents in archery, equestrianship, and sword fighting.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

The 2nd son of the prominent Mayor of the Palace Tancred de Marteau and his wife Yasmina Muhamira of Iziq, Odo was younger than his brother Hasculf by several years. The brothers were polar opposites of one another, while Hasculf was calm, temperate, and stoic, Odo was temperamental, emotional and a man of total action. It seems that due to his attitude, Odo and his father rarely saw eye to eye and over time, Tancred came to favor his eldest boy over him. While never blowing into full-blown rivalry, their father's clear favoritism for Hasculf caused tensions in the brother's relationship that only healed with time. Hasculf was favored by their father, but Odo was the favorite of their mother Yasmina and the two would be very close throughout their lives. As an adolescent, Odo often accompanied his mother to Iziq whenever she was called back home. Odo came to adore his maternal homeland and during these visits came to learn the language as fluently as his Hasdinian and supposedly had a childhood flame with the daughter of an Iziq courtier.

Odo's military career would be what he became most famed for, beginning as an aid to King Rousel for a time before being given his 1st command in the Army of Kantyra where he served as a cavalry commander. He commanded his unit during the Battle of Vanier against the Salians and was wounded at the subsequent Battle of Leuwel where he led a charge against a unit of Salic pikemen. Odo was given serious wounds on his side and right thigh which sidelined him for the remainder of the conflict. After recovering, Odo returned and aided in the rebellion of Dafyd Mefredeal, this time commanding an entire army. In 649 A.E, Prince Odo and his father conducted a vicious campaign in Pozar which drew the Areul rebels out into the open for a clash at Hywel. At Hywel, Odo famously led a charge against the Areuls which broke part of their line and killed Garen de Brugge, Dafyd Mefredeal's cousin, and bannerman. In the melee of Mefredeal's counterattack, Odo was again wounded but the battle was won with Mefredeal's death in the chaos of the Areul advance.

After the rebellion was quashed, Odo and his father were acclaimed greatly for their victory, with Tancred being propelled to the position as the most powerful man in the Kingdom. With this power, Tancred used his popularity to finally depose the incompetent King Romel III from his throne. Tancred did not immediately replace the king as Romel's cousin Teralt rose up in defense of his family and claimed the throne for himself. In the civil war that followed, Odo was tasked with the encirclement of Teralt's army. Despite being outmaneuvered, Teralt stood his ground and defended the valley of Debre. The Battle of Debre would be a long affair and involve the slow dismantling of the Merobaud garrisons at the valley's entrances. At the end of the nearly four-month battle, Odo and Teralt's main forces clashed and Odo's superior troops and morale decimated the Merobauds. With the pretender Teralt captured, Odo marched home to joyous acclaim as the Kingdom's savior.

Upon returning home, Tancred crowned Hasculf king and Odo was again overlooked in favor of his brother. Odo however was a loyal brother, never wishing to challenge his brother for the throne, and became one of his most fiery supporters. For a few years, Odo aided his brother in establishing their family's legitimacy to rule before he was again called off to the outbreak of another war with the Salians. Odo became the overall commander of the Tiranar force that marched west to meet the Salians. In the resulting Battle of the Divern, Odo's vast miscalculation of the strength of the Salic position on the bank led to massive casualties for his Haklan troops, something they would not soon forget. After the Divern, Odo's Haklan troops returned home and kept their banners raised in revolt with the support of many of the region's nobles. Odo's initial response proved cautious, as he gathered troops and reorganized his forces in the capital in preparation for the coming clash with the Haklan rebels. Odo however, marched south but would never return as due to planted information from a spy in his scouting tents, Odo and his force were led into a trap at Sinasal. The quagmire of the Sinasal bog heavily favored the defensive pikes and axes of the Haklans and drastically reduced the effectiveness of Odo's riders and of his superior numbers. During the fighting, Odo himself was thrown from his horse by several Haklan light infantrymen and killed while he was down.

Prince Odo's death at Sinasal would prove to the Halsats that the Haklan rising was not to be taken lightly. As Odo died, he would be replaced by his capable nephew, Prince Adrien who led the army of Tiranar to an eventual victory against the Haklans. The 1st Haklan rising ended in victory with the execution of Artur MacBrus and several other rebels.

Personality Characteristics


Secure his family's success and further his own prestige and glory in the field

Virtues & Personality perks


Vices & Personality flaws



Family Ties

Son of Mayor of the Palace Tancred de Marteau and Princess of Iziq Yasmina Muhamira
Younger brother of Hasculf de Marteau
Husband of Deirdre Crannach
Father of Renaud de Marteau
Grandfather of Guillaume de Marteau

Religious Views

An especially cynical man when it came to religious affairs, Odo despised the mentoring of his nephew Adrien by Patriarch Durant Bellemar. Odo and the Patriarch frequently disagreed and argued over a cavalcade of topics with sometimes fiery reprisals from the Prince when he felt slighted. One disagreement between the two even led to Odo drawing his sword and sticking it to the Patriarch's chest while he continued to berate and mock the man for suggesting Adrien be brought up in the lifestyle of the Ecclesia.

Social Aptitude

Known to many as a gruff, no-nonsense commander of men. Odo could be very dislikable and frequently alienated nobles and subordinates around him via his short temper and flair for ear-splitting arguments with those who disagreed with him. Odo however, was not an arrogant man, he could admit when he was wrong and frequently apologized to those he had formerly berated.


Harsh, critical, and with a mind for sometimes encouraging and sometimes threatening those under his command. All knew when the Iron Prince was nearby, they would hear his loud, piercing voice and if they were lucky, be startled by his jolting laughter.


Odo de Marteau


Towards Deirdre Crannach

Deirdre Crannach


Towards Odo de Marteau

(Odo's primarily Halsat armored footmen, famed for their bravery and effectiveness in a fight)
(Odo's personal Royal Chevaliers, heavily armored and deadly in a melee)
Other Ethnicities/Cultures
629 A.E 683 A.E 54 years old
Circumstances of Birth
2nd child of Tancred de Marteau and Yasmina Muhamira
Circumstances of Death
Died in the Battle of Sinasal Bog against the Haklan rebels
Caistnac, Vaseau
Place of Death
Sinasal Bog, eastern Pozar
Deirdre Crannach (spouse)
Dark Blue
Bald, Grey Beard
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
6 ft
225 lbs
Quotes & Catchphrases
"Come and see how a Prince greets his death." -Alleged last words
Aligned Organization


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