Lars Remenza

Admiral of the Navy Lars Remenza (a.k.a. Black Lars)

Famous naval commander and war hero during the climatic 3rd Teneboric War

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Born to a life of comfort in the village of Phesan, a town recently occupied by the Rasenna. Lars Remenza was raised by his widowed mother who lost her husband to recent war with the Hakkatens as he was conscripted by the occupying Rasennans. Remenza ran away from home at the age of thirteen and joined a merchant ship that was docked in town. On this ship, Remenza learned all he could about navigation and sailing techniques. It was aboard this ship that Remenza learned Hakkat and Julih languages used by Hakkatens a fact that Remenza would use later in his life. From here, Remenza's life is very murky as he doesn't seem to have done many notable works except for in 564 B.E when he was said to have been arrested for murder and sentenced to work on the deck of a penal ship in the Palini Gulf. Remenza was here when the 3rd Teneboric War broke out between the Rasenna and the Hakkatens and soon Remenza's ship was among numerous others in the ragtag Rasennan navy. In the late months of 558 B.E, Lars Remenza's ship was attacked and sunk just off the shore from where it was harbored. This attack was the naval attachment of one Hakkaten general Tsavo Mhambi who was invading Lakia and would wage his own campaign behind enemy lines. Remenza survived his encounter with the Hakkatens and somehow he managed to acquire command of a small ship and a semi-loyal crew and daringly decided to brave the seas again and continue his war with the Hakkatens.

Here is where Remenza's legend began as his small ship and small crew began terrorizing Hakkaten ports as well as their allies. On a joint attack with an official Rasennan warship, Remenza took the coastal port of Zemele with few losses. Remenza's luck would continue as he captured a proper Hakketen warship of his own and became instated as a proper Rasennan captain with his flagship he renamed the "Furvus" a name his sailors would also bestow their commander. Now, Black Lars as he was becoming known, sailed out with bravado and steel determination, hiding out in enemy territory dropping sail in coves and bogs during the day, and attacking nearby towns and villages in the night. Lars became famous for his plundering raids which grew more and more profitable as he sent war spoils back to Rasca with notes of his achievements. During an encounter against what was thought to be a merchant's vessel, Remenza was ambushed by a large Hakkaten warship of formidable reputation. This ship was called the Timorus by Rasennan crews and had taken part in general Tsavo's invasion of Lakia previously. Dozens of ships had fallen to the Timorus and it was feared by Rasennan crews. Remenza's engagement with the Timorus would be the stuff of legend as the Timorus' archers rained fire on the deck of the Furvus. Luring in the ship by appearing to be dead in the water the Timorus attempted to board the ship but Remenza's marines threw them back to their ship and managed to bring down the mast of the mighty Timorus. The Furvus revealed itself to be fully operational and sailed to a distance before raining down all its projectiles on the staggering enemy ship which around dusk was a burned, battered, and beaten wreck. Remenza's defeat of such a feared enemy was hailed with chants of "Domitor" by the crowds in Rasca even though Remenza himself was not Rasennan.

In 542 B.E, Lars was reinforced with a fleet of over fifty ships and was instructed to aid the advance of newly elected Suffete Julius Marsus Haccedus who boldly invaded the Hakkaten homeland while Tsavo Mhambi trashed Lakia. Together, Lars and Haccedus laid waste to the land of Kwalhakkad as Tsavo was recalled to defend the Hakkaten capitol. There, at the coast of Lacerna, a joint battle between Haccedus and Tsvao occurred while Remenza attacked and decimated the remaining Hakkaten fleet in a brilliant action that secured the road to Mvelo, the Hakkaten capitol. Victory was achieved when the Hakkatens surrendered and Mvelo's gates were flung open to the triumphal Rasennans who paraded down its streets. A month of victory and acclaim was ordered in Rasca and a triumphal march was ordered for the returning Haccedus with talk of Remenza receiving one afterward despite his non-Rasennan status. On the return journey, Remenza mysteriously became ill and was found to be suffering from an infection. In the morning the next day, Remenza was found fallen out of his bed and to have bled to death in the middle of the night. A month of acclaim was changed to a month of mourning as Remenza was taken to Rasca and given a state funeral. Remenza's tremendous reputation as a brave and daring naval commander was never tarnished as he died immediately after the war. Remenza was buried in the Fields of Tryphanea in accordance with Rasennan military tradition.


Sailor aboard a Merchant Ship
Prisoner aboard a penal ship
Privateering Rasennan Captain
Rasennan Captain
Rasennan Admiral

Accomplishments & Achievements

Multiple successful raids on Hakkaten towns and villages
Capture of Port Zemele
Victory and Capture against the Hakkaten warship Timorus
Victory at Cape Lacerna

Personality Characteristics


Succeed at all costs


Social Aptitude

Remenza was described as fiery and intense, his men feared him and so did the enemy. He seemed as though he only could function in war and seemed bored of other matters. He couldn't be found enjoying the company of others and seems to have always excused himself to recline to his own quarters aboard his ship.
Current Location
Date of Birth
4th of Larce
Date of Death
21st of Modia
587 B.E 538 B.E 49 years old
Circumstances of Birth
Born in Phesan on an estate to a single mother
Circumstances of Death
Died of an infection aboard his flagship returning to port after the war
Phesan, Southern Lakia
Place of Death
At sea, returning to Rasca
Current Residence
Dark Brown
Dark Brown, Curly with a graying beard
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
180 lbs
Quotes & Catchphrases
"If I could surprise the world in battle, I could conquer her as well."
Manus and the Rasennan Pantheon
Aligned Organization
Known Languages


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