King Romel Le Glorieux

King of Tiranar and Titular Lord of the Halsats Romel Merobaud (a.k.a. Le Glorieux (The Glorious)

The younger son of Ceslin III and his 2nd wife Sybil de Val. Romel rebelled against his older half-brother Rousel and won the throne of Caistnac for himself. Ruling in an autocratic and centralized manner, Romel's reign saw a massive expansion in the central authority of the Caistnac ruler, culminating in his crowning of himself as King of Tiranar.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Muscular, athletic and handsome in his young years, Romel was a figure of an inspiring presence and was known for his fitness, prowess and might in fighting.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

The late-arriving son of Ceslin III and his last wife Sybil de Val. At Romel's birth, attendees witnessing his presentation called him Donné par Dieu or Godly Given for his birth so late into his father's reign and for the reportedly difficult pregnancy his mother endured. Romel grew up in the court of his older half-brother and primary rival Rousel and despite the animosity shared between the two, Rousel kept Romel as his cupbearer, a place of prestige for such a young boy. During his older brother's reign, Romel was an active member of his court and amassed followers and friends due to his charm and position as heir apparent. Despite their proximity, Romel and Rousel remained at odds with one another, each spurred on by the whisperings of their respective mothers who had been rivals for the hand of Ceslin.

When Romel came of age, he retreated from the court and resided at his estate in Agevine which he had been granted in his father's will. At Agevine, Romel was routinely prodded by his friends, advisors, and subjects to make a claim for the throne before Rousel sired an heir of his own. It was at the age of only 18 that Romel rebelled against his brother and declared his intentions of sitting on the throne in Caistnac. Despite his own largely successful reign, Rousel was helpless in the face of Romel's decisive advantage as he had garnered the support of a large percentage of the realm's nobles and so the ever-dutiful Rousel resided in defeat and surrendered to his brother before blood could be shed. In gratitude, Romel spared his brother and allowed him to live in residence at the palace as well as occasionally in Agevine, though he swore off his claim to the throne as well as the claims of any of his children.

Romel was crowned as the new ruler of Caistnac and immediately set out with clemency and forgiveness towards his brother's supporters. After securing support from his brother's allies, Romel turned his gaze towards expanding the royal lands of the realm and set about waging a series of wars against his barons and counts as well as buying several counties and castles from others. This early consolidation of the crownlands of the realm aided Romel immensely in securing funds needed for his building programs and military endeavors. By the time of his 25th birthday, Romel could amass a force of nearly 30,000 men and around 3,000 Chevaliers, half of which was Royal Chevaliers commanded by himself. Romel also was the first ruler of Caistnac to build a naval fleet, initially of almost a dozen ships but a fleet that would number around fifty ships.

During his middling years, Romel clashed with another ambitious monarch, the Salian King Maximilian the Fierce who broke a betrothal agreement made between the two for Maximilian to marry Romel's daughter Isabella. As Romel had given half the dowry to Maximilian, he expected to be repaid for it after the betrothal was ended but Maximilian refused to pay. The two powerful men mustered armies and fighting ensued and despite Romel's own adeptness, the Salians remained defiant. Eventually, the quarrel was mediated by both realm's nobles who reached the agreement that Maximilian repay half the payment and the two rulers made peace. Both realms, however, each bitter over conduct during the war, never truly made peace, and thus began the Halsat-Salian enmity and rivalry between one another that remains active and fierce to this day.

Setting his sights elsewhere, Romel mustered his men and came into conflict with the counties of Goulet and Marne which had refused to submit to vassalage under the Caistnac crown. Goulet and Marne called other counties to their aid and Romel soon found himself at war with much of the region of Asturina. However, this was what was desired as Romel was supported by the Juranese who attacked from the north while Romel's royal army came west and met the Marnese in battle. The Battle at Yipes. During the battle, Romel was unhorsed by the mercenary Heskian pikemen in the heat of battle, and were it not for his high quality armor he likely would have probably been killed in the fray. During the melee, Count Ibbe of Marne was carried off the field by his terrified horse, and the Count of Goulet was severely wounded and taken prisoner, the Heskian troops, seeing that the battle was lost, turned, and fled the field. The Halsats did not pursue as they gathered their prisoners and claimed victory in the battle. The Halsats received the surrender of Ibbe and the Goulet count followed suit and Romel found himself the conquerer of Asturina. Romel returned to Caistnac triumphant and paraded his prisoners to the adoration of his people who greeted him personally with shouts of acclaim. It was after this victory that Romel felt secure enough to crown himself King of Tiranar, monarch of Vaseau, Archeau, and now of both Marne and Asturia.

In peacetime, Romel engaged in the burgeoning romantic scene in his realm, a movement revolving around the revival of chivalric duty, courtly love, and of engagement with the historical past. In his capacity as an autocratic ruler, he was beloved as Romel Le Glorieux, The Glorious but to his opponents, he was often derided as L'empereur or The Emperor for his overeagerness to expand his own power and for his decadent lifestyle.

Personally, Romel was a lover of poetry, song, dance, and carousing and had numerous personal friends appointed to close positions to him in order to ensure they had access to all the goods and powers necessary to throw extravagant banquets in his royal palace as well as the royal residences. In love, Romel was controversially smitten with the lowly Marie du Palais, a chambermaid to his wife Blena Ireva. Marie was derided by courtiers as a harlot and was known to dress immodestly in full view of the court. Nevertheless, Romel proved too popular for this scandal to affect his rule in a meaningful manner. So much was the popularity of Romel, that his grandson Adrien, succeeded Fulk to the throne after Fulk died without a child to be his heir.

Ruling for a long 40 years, Romel cemented his name as without a doubt the most powerful and influential monarch of Tiranar to that date and his legacy was that of the most effective and ambitious ruler in a time of effective and ambitious rulers. Romel was a thoroughly autocratic ruler and finally stamped out heavy-handed noble opposition that was the vestigial remnant of the contract signed by Marin I. Among historians of Tiranar history, Romel is considered largely responsible for the ascendancy of the Halsat monarchy to becoming the dominant power of Areul and for his centralization of monarchical powers into an autocratic state.


Educated by court tutors and nobles


Caistnac heir apparent
Duke of Vaseau and Archeau
King of Tiranar

Accomplishments & Achievements

Began the greatest period of economic, military and civic expansion in Tiranar history
Built up Caistnac into a proper city
Constructed the Romelian Walls around Caistnac
Victories in the field against the Asturian nobles
Successful expansion of Royal power and land holdings

Failures & Embarrassments

Defeated diplomatically and in war with the Salians
Began the famous Halsat-Salian enmity still felt today

Personality Characteristics


Secure security for the realm and propel Tiranar to the pinnacle of the many realms in Areul and abroad.

Virtues & Personality perks


Vices & Personality flaws



Family Ties

Son of Ceslin III and Sybil de Val
Half brother of Rousel II
Father of Raimun and Ceslin du Palais and Isabella and Fulk
Husband of Blena Ireva and lover of Marie du Palais

Religious Views

Religious affairs were never quite a source of attention for the King Romel, these matters bored him but he did not deflect their necessity and so he did the public shows of piety and did all he could to ensure that in religious affairs, nothing he did would cause scandal.

Social Aptitude

Socially as extroverted as one can be, Romel loved company, friendship, and companionship all in equal measure. Whether it was the thrown banquets, lavish feasts, or debutante balls, Romel organized gatherings that scratched his social itch. He had a variety of social friends and patrons who lived in his palace of the arts and he carried on numerous affairs with numerous women and even allegedly a few men.


Confident, proud, and a lover of parables, Romel was a figure who captured the imagination of listeners with his stirring rhetoric. Taught language and prose at an early age, Romel was a known lover of poetry and song and wrote his own poems that he read to attendees and visitors to his court.


King Romel Le Glorieux


Towards Blena Ireva

Blena Ireva


Towards King Romel Le Glorieux

King Romel Le Glorieux


Towards Marie du Palais

Marie du Palais


Towards King Romel Le Glorieux

443 A.E 515 A.E 72 years old
Circumstances of Birth
Son of Ceslin III and Sybil de Val
Circumstances of Death
Fell ill on the road and died
Agevine, Vaseau
Place of Death
Caistnac, Vaseau
Blena Ireva (spouse)
Marie du Palais (spouse)
Long, Well Groomed Hair and Beard
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
190 lbs
Quotes & Catchphrases
"I depart, but I do not take the realm with me." - Alleged last words
Mundana Ecclesia
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations
Known Languages
Character Prototype
Philip Augustus and Louis XIV
(Despite being reassembled by Rousel II, Romel maintained the use of the Calvares in his realm as a mobile policing force)
(A young Fulk with his mother Blena before the gathered court of Romel)
(The imposing Romelian Wall, the improved fortifications around the city of Caistnac completed towards the end of Romel's reign)


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