Hialtr Sturmhjǫr (Sturm-hyuh-or)

Jarl of Holvika Hialtr Knutssen Sturmhjǫri (a.k.a. The Stormforged)

First Jarl of the Sturmhjǫri dynasty, a Iolan warrior with a colorful history culminating in his capture of Holvika in the midst of a hurricane from the cruel Hjodssen brothers

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

In saga, Hialtr Sturmhjǫri was a terrifying figure to his enemies and an enormous boon to his allies in a fight. Clad in his expensive armor which broadened his already impressive frame, Hialtr possessed a unique ability to intimidate and conjure fear in his enemies as well as rally his men and inspire courage.

Facial Features

For much of his life, Hialtr was noted as a clean-shaven man with long locks of hair he kept orderly and matted. As he settled into his rule at Holvika, Hialtr grew out his facial hair and by the time of his death, was noted as possessing a long beard that rested on his chest.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Youngest son of Knut, chief of the trading town of Holvika, Hialtr was only a young man when his father and older brothers were killed in battle against Skardi and Sardr Hjoddisen who took his birthright and sent the young noble into a long exile. Here, Hialtr traveled from safe house to safe house, avoiding hired assassins paid by the Hjodssen brothers to kill him. Eventually, Hialtr would famously reach the shore of Jomsgard where he was taken in by the brotherhood and given shelter for a time. It seems his time spent among the warriors of Jomsgard was enormously influential for Hialtr's development into the strong, charismatic leader he eventually became. From stories told about this time, Hialtr trained relentlessly with the Jomskarls and was even offered a place among them which he politely refused. Hialtr left Jomsgard with the order in his good graces and he quickly amassed money from sympathetic chieftains in eastern Iola and formed a crew to begin a career of raiding.

Here, Hialtr's crew navigated the river network and made contact with the Principality of Komneia who took the enterprising Iolans on as an especially paid unit of effective shock troops. In this role, the Iolans performed extremely well and the crew made a great amount of money via their consistent pay and from loot obtained while on campaign. Hialtr had a raiding expedition financed by the crown of the state and he terrorized the coast of the eastern Ivanshar and of Kwalakkad, bringing back enormous riches to the city, himself, and his crew. A reason for Hialtr's success in the Casenna was the relative inexperience the cities and settlements of the coast had in dealing with marauding Iolan pirates. The Iolans had a longstanding tradition of seaborne assaults, something very rarely done in this part of the world as sea piracy was less of an occupation in the waters of the Casenna compared to the rocky waves of the Winter and Iolan Seas. With the blessing of the Prince of Komenia, Hialtr and his crew returned via the way they came and journeyed east into the lands of the Prus to see about work there.

In the lands of the Prus, Hialtr had recruited more men and commanded a force of around six hundred high-quality men at arms. Many were those with who he had initially fled along with some friends made during his times at Jomsgard and Komneia. One such trusted companion was a towering Kovnan named Miklaz Busrovic who became Hialtr's trusted 2nd in command and his brother-in-law later upon his return to Iola as he would eventually marry Hialtr's sister Hilde. It would be here that Hialtr would venture back home as he felt in a strong enough position to reclaim the land of his birthright and avenge the deaths of his father and brothers. In the time since his fleeing, the Hjoddsen brothers had made many enemies due to their depraved and cruel style of rule. They alienated the common people via grizzly and unjust public execution, they alienated the nobles due to their raising of responsibilities and they had alienated nearby Jarls due to their terrible diplomacy. Hialtr's return was welcomed with open arms when he landed on the shore of nearby Sovn where warriors flooded into his ranks and hailed him the rightful chief of Holvika. A battle was in the making as the Hjoddsens rallied their men as Hialtr approached Holvika via the sea. A clash was set and a legend would be born the day before as Svivra, the seeress of the Hjodssens eerily predicted

"Now will come a great storm to discern the predator from the prey."

In the night, a massive hurricane had come upon Holvika and both sides had their defenses and ships tossed around in the gale and white water waves. It would be here a pivotal moment would occur as Hialtr's own seeress, a respected woman named Ingerda would encourage the exile to attack now, while the enemy was swamped with flood and fire. So, in the midst of a hurricane, Hialtr ordered his men to attack the seawall of Holvika and take the city. The fight here would be hard-fought and many on both sides would sustain grievous wounds but eventually, the attackers would enter the city and rush to the top of the hill towards the stronghold. Here Hialtr would meet the two men who had forced him from his home, the Hjoddsens each called a Holmgang, single combat between them and Hialtr to decide the outcome of the siege. Hialtr agreed and in the fights that came after, the Stormforged would cleave the elder Skardi in two with a swing of his ax and subsequently decapitate the younger Sardr and win himself his home back.

Hialtr had retaken his home and would set about rebuilding it from the damage done to it during the rule of the Hjoddsens and from his own battle for it. New battlements were constructed and the seawall was fortified against an attack like that of Hialtr's. Using the clients he had amass during his time in exile, Hialtr untied much of the surrounding lands to form the proper Jarldom of Holvika. As reigning Jarl, Hialtr sought to quell rebellion and strengthen his position by garrisoning key positions in mountain passes. These garrisons cut down on banditry and rebel forces and made him more popular among his subjects. The Jarl also standardized taxation in his new lands and ruled in a much more authoritative and centralized way when compared to his neighboring contemporaries. This centralizing of authority greatly strengthened Holvika which grew exponentially over the course of his reign. When he died, he left the land with boundless potential to become the preeminent power in the region, something that could be debated to this day.


Brought up under the guardianship of many figures both during his childhood in Holvika and during his exile abroad.


Holvik chieftain's heir
Iolan mercenary leader
1st Jarl of Holvika

Personality Characteristics


Make something of his exile and travel the wide world
Earn pay and connections across the wider world and gather allies to return to Holvika
Rule his new Jarldom wisely and effectively

Virtues & Personality perks


Vices & Personality flaws



Religious Views

Considered an averagely pious man during his own time, Hialtr paid the customary heed to his religious advisors and observed many traditional Iolan practices of religious rite and ritual.

Social Aptitude

Likable, charismatic, and charming, in personal company many knew Hialtr as a lively and engaged man with few bad things to say about anyone. This changed during a fight, the sociable and delicate Hialtr turned swiftly into the Jarl of song and saga when shields clashed and swords and ax were swung.


In sagas written about the formation of the Sturmhjǫri, Hialtr is depicted in the manner of a traditional Iolan folk hero, exiled from home and sent abroad to learn the skills necessary to one day retake his home. Many stories are told of his speeches made during his retinue's stay in Komneia and in the wider Cassenan world as they made a name for themselves due to the brave and shrewd conduct of their commander. Hialtr's speech was pointed and directed at all times towards furthering his own agenda, whether that be to inspire his men, mend a diplomatic tie or create fear in the mind of his enemy.


Hialtr Sturmhjǫr

Chief and battle brother

Towards Mikilaz Fjalhögg


Mikilaz Fjalhögg

Hirdman and brother in law

Towards Hialtr Sturmhjǫr


Current Location
Date of Birth
17th of Modia
Date of Death
19th of Amiel
528 A.E 598 A.E 70 years old
Circumstances of Birth
Son of chief Knut Thjóðkonungr of Holvika
Holvika, Iola
Place of Death
Holvika, Iola
Pale Blue
Long, Blond, Braided
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
230 lbs
Quotes & Catchphrases
"Tonight I finish the journey I began as a boy, only tomorrow will I discover if I am a man without it." -Said before the storming of Holvika
Ranir and the Iolan Pantheon
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations
Founded Settlements
Character Prototype
Harald Hardrada


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