Flavius Aelian

Captain of the Scholai and Magister Militum of the Rasenna Flavius Salonius Aelianus

The powerful military leader as well as Scholai Captain and Magister Militum during the reigns of Emperor Macerian and Florvius. Aelian was betrayed and assassinated by his one-time ward Emperor Florvius due to his intense popularity among the rank and file soldiery which threatened Florvius' reign.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Nothing of great renown is spoken of about Aelian's physical condition. In the 12 Kings, it is said that had Aelian been emperor, his strength would have benefitted the empire immensely as he was shrewd yet restrained as well as tactful but stern.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Coming from an already prominent noble and ancient family in southern Lakia, Aelian spent his earliest days in the employ of the empire. As a child, Aelian was supposedly a personal runner and water carrier for Emperor Alexius Kalós and saw his first battle, namely the famous Battle of Durostrom, at the age of only 15. In common tellings of Aelian's life, the boy was among the shield bearers who carried the victorious Alexius Kalós to the Temple of Manus on the Laterian Hilltop.

For portions of Aelian's life, he was sent away to courts of other powers, namely the Drassids and later Rasanids, as a Rasennan diplomat and hostage. In the eastern court of the great Shahanshah, Aelian learned several languages of the east and knowledge of some of the inner workings of the vast Ivanshar. During the Rasanid Revolt, Aelian saw firsthand the transfer of dynasty from the old Drassids, to the more militant and imposing Rasanids who expelled the foreigner from their court. On account of his expulsion, Aelian was a commander in the eastern auxiliaries during the 1st Rasanid War where he fought at the Battle of Seturos where he fought alongside Emperor Arrius Droméas.

It seems Aelian was not among the inner circle of officers that assassinated the Emperor but it is suspected he may have played a small part in its implementation. Nevertheless, Aelian also fought in the battle of Sabiela alongside Emperor Pracclius and again fought numerous skirmishes with Rasanid forces in Pracclius overland campaign east which ended in disaster.

When Aelian returned west, he received conflicting reports on the happenings across the empire, of numerous separatist factions, and of numerous pretenders to the throne. In the east, Aelian and his retinue waited for news of what was happening and after Rursus reclaimed control of the capital, Aelian led his men to support the new emperor. Aelian, due to his reluctance in coming to the aid of the emperor, would not be invited into Rursus' inner circle and would lead multiple contingents of the army that retook northern Areul and western Galukia, tasks that did not require the emperor's attention.

Due to his outsider position in the current regime, Aelian found little upward promotion during the reign of Rursus and seems to have entered a self-imposed exile in Mykra. This seems to be where Aelian stayed for the reigns of Rursus and Appian, another former commander of his who did not seem to need the talents and expertise of the veteran Aelian. Aelian's exile ended when he was recalled back to the capital under the orders of the emperor. Expecting to be seized and killed for any number of reasons, Aelian nevertheless returned to Rasca to be greeted by the new Emperor Macerian who welcomed him back by instating him as commander of the Scholai. Accepting his position, Aelian served as commander of the elite imperial guard throughout Macerian's reign and oversaw much of the planning and conduct of the 15-year-long Savarian Wars.

Aelian served well during Macerian's reign and through negotiations with the Emperor, arranged for his marriage to Antheria Macerina, the emperor's daughter. This marriage finally brought Aelian into true power and he found himself as among the most powerful men in the empire. As a new member of the imperial family, Aelian was tasked by Macerian to be the instructor of his sons Florvius and Stilias and oversee their military education. Aelian's foundational role in the childhoods of the two imperial boys ensured his utility to the new dynasty and after Macerian's death, Aelian provided much needed stability to the transfer of power from the father to the sons.

As Aelian presided over the throne, he became worried about the situation the empire found itself in, with three frontiers in need of attention but the resources to defend only two of them at a time. Aelian began working to secure the eastern frontier and entered into negotiations with the militant Rasanids. In negotiating a truce with them, Aelian agreed to pay an annual amount in order to keep the peace there and so succeeded. With the east secured, for the time being, Aelian swiveled west to the Oltune and Rhor frontiers, the Rhor had been largely pacified during the reign of Macerian but more trouble was brewing as the Herodi buckled under the Rasennan thumb. Aelian sent troops to the bank of the Rhor and rebuilt fortifications there which were badly needed. Aelian also sent assassins across the river to kill selected Herodi chieftains who had begun calling for newer tribal confederations to unite and defend against the Rasenna. Aelian's assassins did their job, but this led to long-simmering Herodi hate that would be unleashed upon his death. On the Oltune, Aelian provided very little but rebuilt fortifications and instigated Yarmeg infighting which left the nomads more engaged with their own affairs than attacking the Rasenna.

Generally, Aelian's policies paid dividends and the empire found itself nominally at peace for the first time in decades. However, affairs were troubling in the capital as the imperial brothers bickered and fought, resulting in the power play by Florvius that led to Stilias' blinding and exile. Now the sole ruler, Florvius began eying Aelian with envy as the veteran and skilled Scholai captain and Magister Militum held immense sway in the empire. With little cause, Florvius dismissed his long-time commander and mentor and replaced his leadership with an arrayed council of men loyal to the new Emperor. Aelian accepted his dismissal and retired to southern Lakia with his wife and son. The family stayed there for a time before surprisingly, Aelian was recalled back to the capital. Despite a few warnings from his wife, Aelian returned to the capital and met the emperor in his throne room. By this time, the aging commander required the use of a cane to walk and greeted the emperor formally yet with no reply. As the old man stepped forward, a courtier removed a fabric hiding a dagger and the emperor unsheathed his sword, the pair came upon Aelian who struggled to resist and was ultimately stabbed to death by them.

Aelian's death sent a shockwave through the empire, mostly felt among the ranks of the army which had grown loyal to the old commander. Aelian's wife Antheria, the sister of the emperor, was imprisoned by her brother but Aelian's son Trascalus fled with the aid of officers east toward the Ivanshar requesting aid to claim the imperial throne for himself and avenge his father's death. Aelian was among the most tactile and resourceful military leaders the empire ever produced and despite decades of loyal and diligent service, was betrayed and murdered by a man he had educated and helped raise.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Veteran of the Battles of Durostrom, Seturos, Sabiela
Initiated peace talks with the Rasanids and pacified the Rhor and Oltune via assassinations
Mentored the deposed Emperor Stilias

Intellectual Characteristics

Pragmatic and Adaptable

Morality & Philosophy

Duty above Pride

Personality Characteristics


Secure the prosperity and protection of the empire

Virtues & Personality perks


Vices & Personality flaws

Self Serious
Tunnel Vision


Contacts & Relations

Mentor of the imperial brothers Stilias and Florvius

Family Ties

Husband of Antheria Macerina
Son-in-law of Emperor Macerian
Brother-in-law of Stilias and Florvius

Religious Views

Pious and faithful to his wife and his god, Aelian was among the growing religious aristocracy which had by now formally adopted the Imperial Cult of the Victorius Sun as their own.

Social Aptitude

More of a bookish and erudite natured man, Aelian was anything but boisterous and was often characterized as a cold blooded, machinelike military operator with a scheming mind and a mind always turning. This was not entirely accurate as Aelian seems to have detested schemers and saw himself much in the manner of an early republican hero. This can be traced to his two retirement stints as he was called back into the service of the empire.


Speaking with a demeanor of a high-born son of the military aristocracy, Aelian was well versed in rhetoric and speech-making. He spent his life around soldiers and very much knew the ins and outs of a soldier's mind. His words were carefully selected and he often took long pauses between sentences to gather his thoughts and evaluate a situation. Everything was calculated and calibrated to get Aelian's message across as simply and as effectively as possible.


Flavius Aelian


Towards Antheria Macerina


Antheria Macerina


Towards Flavius Aelian


(Aelian's assassination by Emperor Florvius)
Other Ethnicities/Cultures
Date of Birth
9th of Kaisie
Date of Death
21st of Larce
672 B.E 599 B.E 73 years old
Circumstances of Birth
Son of southern Lakic nobles in the military aristocracy
Circumstances of Death
Assassinated by Emperor Florvius
Vilanellia, Lakia
Place of Death
Rasca, Lakia
Dark Brown
Medium, Straight, Grey (Formerly Brown)
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
190 lbs
Quotes & Catchphrases
"Foolish boy, you know very little but boast to know very much. Child, you have cut your right hand off with your left." -Supposed final words said to Emperor Florvius
Cult of Victus Ouea
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations
Known Languages
Character Prototype
Flavius Aetius


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