Emperor Roman I Aimatirós

Emperor and Autocrat of the Rasenna Roman Ivizanes Romanoi (a.k.a. Aimatirós (The Bloody)

Founder of the Romanoi dynasty and acclaimed emperor after the disaster of the Sturma Valley. Roman Aimatirós would lead the empire with military might and battle foreign and domestic enemies throughout his reign.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Noted to have possessed a very martial build with strong legs, large hands and wide shoulders.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Hailing from a minor family in Agrihenia, a young Roman would be of minor importance in the theme of Agrihenia Prope. Roman's father was likely a man by the name of Isauros who was attested to in details written about later during the reign of Roman's son in order to bolster the dynasty's prestige. The Romanoi dynasty was heavily involved in the military, Roman himself was a prominent figure in the theme as a commander of troops as well as a deliberate and engaging figure for the soldiers under him. It would be his attention to detail and his striking performance that led him to be promoted to a subordinate commander of the Cubrati guard, a very prestigious position for a man of Roman's standing.

As a member of the Imperial army, Roman rose to the rank of emperor following the disaster at the Sturma Valley. Roman would be crowned a few months after the battle and as such a brief interregnum would follow the death of Ranavus and his crowning. In this time a few claimant theme commanders would sping up vying for the throne. Roman would gain his name of "The Bloody" for his reign would be heavily focused on attending to military matters as wars with the Yarmegs would be fought and end with the imperial troops forcing a majority across the Oltune and recruiting the rest into imperial service where they became fixtures in the ranks of the Tagma. Roman would be the creator of the Ippeís imperial guard which was composed entirely of Yarmeg riders commanded by mostly captains from western Galukia so as to not entice these leaders to hold ties to the lands of the east. Roman also put down numerous rebellious claimants that popped up via his delayed crowning. Three major revolts would be brutally crushed as would several smaller theme revolts caused by delayed pay for these soldiers. In posterity, Roman's reign would be seen as needed, he stabilized the Oltune frontier when it was badly needed and when he could not defeat the Yarmeg, he made pacts and deals with them. Chiefly, Roman would make peace with the feared Yarmeg Khagan Dulo, and this peace would stabilize the situation along the Oltune and chiefly in Roman's homeland of Agrihenia.

Late in the year 489 B.E, the emperor would become bedridden during a visit at Arnzium. A succession council was called as Roman's condition worsened and worsened. Days later at the age of 71, the old emperor would pass away from natural causes. Roman's stern rulership had made him many enemies, enemies who would acclaim his passing, but his rule had finally brought needed stability to the empire after four decades of chaos. Roman's son, also named Roman did not possess his father's successful brand of stubbornness and was a weak man ruled by delusion and by his councilors which would lead to another crisis, this time economic in nature. His style of rule would be emulated by emperors like Basilides I, nicknamed the Hammer for his fervent reconquering of lost territory in the north and in the east. Basilides often ruled in a terse, stern, and overbearing manner much in the way his distant ancestor Roman I had done. For future generations, Roman I would be remembered as a stern but very attentive ruler, a man tasked with wrestling control of the empire back from grasping hands and placing it back on its former glorious pedestal. Roman's efforts would grant the empire one last golden age, an age that ended with the usurpation of Roman V Alysodeménoi who was defeated at Tarakoun by the Zhors.


Given a standard education with a focus on military affairs


Agrihenian theme commander
Cubrati guardsman
Rasennan Emperor

Accomplishments & Achievements

Successfully restored military order following the disaster of the Sturma Valley
Fended off Yarmeg raids and attacks on the Oltune frontier
Cracked down on revolts in Galukia, Lakia and Mykra
Secured peace along the Oltune border with Khagan Dulo

Failures & Embarrassments

Cost the empire an enormous amount of soldiers and coin in his campaigns
Did not attend to the raising of his children

Morality & Philosophy

The victor is the survivor

Personality Characteristics


Secure the empire from threats foreign and domestic

Virtues & Personality perks


Vices & Personality flaws

Heavy handed


Family Ties

Father of Roman II Parapinakes
Grandfather of Emperor Roman III Meletís, Misselina Acominata, and Emperor Valen II Alogofoniás
Maternal Great Grandfather of Manuel II Chrysatine

Social Aptitude

Always uncomfortable in the presence of palace officials and other members of the elite, Roman was a soldier through and through and did not pretend to be much else. He managed to assemble a council of men who were capable and whom he trusted to run more of the political and economic aspects of rulership while he attended to military affairs. Roman's trusting nature would be taken advantage of as these men enfranchised themselves while was away and ran the treasury into a deficit, a deficit that caused a crisis for his son and successor.


Simple, directed, and prone to common soldiering phrases, Roman I embodied a soldier emperor in his manner of speaking. He was known as a soldier's emperor and treated those who fought under him as well as one would treat their own children. Among them he was disciplining but fair and pulled the charade of imperial elegance in their presence as he spoke in their manner, cursing and speaking in a low dialect.


Emperor Roman I Aimatirós


Towards Passara Meloda

Passara Meloda


Towards Emperor Roman I Aimatirós

Other Ethnicities/Cultures
Date of Birth
12th of Larza
Date of Death
8th of Herrena
560 B.E 489 B.E 71 years old
Circumstances of Birth
Son of a minor army officer named Isauros
Circumstances of Death
Died of natural causes at the age of 71
Tziralla, Agrihenia Prope
Place of Death
Arnzium, Lakia
Passara Meloda (spouse)
Dark Blue
Light Brown
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
190 lbs
Quotes & Catchphrases
"Never back, always marching forward."
Victus Ouea
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations
Known Languages
Character Prototype
Constantine V and Leo the Isaurian


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