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Duchy of Jurane

The realm of Jurane, the Marvingian stronghold and a land of sheltered beauty and old chivalry


In Jurane, one could forget the hardships that have afflicted the world in the past 700 years. In Jurane the flowers bloom radiantly in the summer and the snows are gentle and the winds timid. The people lucky enough to live here hold true to the beliefs of their forefathers and treat their guests as one would treat family, one need not find a friend in Jurane for friends will find you here. The gentleness of the people should not be mistaken for weakness, the Juranians are strong in their convictions and will defend them with the sword and spear, one need only look at the skeletons sitting at the base of Mt. Alter to see what kind of defense the Juranians are capable of.

Public Agenda

Continued prosperity and safety of the realm, its citizens and their citadel


It around the site of the castle of Jurane that the Marvingians would properly settle and establish their enclave under the Krauling Emperors. Under Hjuro of the Peaks, the viceroy of the region under Emperor Karlo, the Marvingians became independent from the fractured Krauling Empire and became a kingdom of their own with its seat at Jurane. Ruling from their mountaintop fortress, the Marvingian kings grew powerful but were briefly crushed by the last Rasennan emperor Arno and shortly brought into federate status by the Empire. After Arno's death, the Marvingians continued their streak of success and reaped revenge 15 years later when they were among the armies that destroyed Rasca.

After the sack came the Dykairos and after the Hedbards fell to internal dissent, the Marvingians saw their power fall as the citizenry of Vorone rose up in a revolt that destroyed much of the larger Jurane fortress. King Ralf and his mother Kirsa were dismembered by the mob, their eyes scooped out and replaced by gold nuggets. A powerful earthquake struck the region at this time and destroyed much of the remaining outcrop of Jurane and led to a great fire that swallowed up much of Vorone, signaling the destruction of the Kingdom of the Marvingians.   The survivors of the disasters recovered slowly in the coming centuries, Vorone grew to regain its place as a destination for merchants, traders, and adventurers in the region. Vorone came first and soon Jurane was reoccupied and the region slowly regained its strength to eventually become the citadel of Jurane-Vorone we know today. Atop the mighty fortress of Jurane, Mirella de Grüner reigns as the current Duchess of a powerful realm ready to stretch its wings once more. In Jurane-Vorone, one can find the scars of a violent upheaval ready to remind any who is greedy or corrupt what happens to a leader who hoards wealth and ignores the plight of their people, one need only be reminded of what happened to the eyes of King Ralf and his mother


While smaller in size than many of its neighbors, Jurane holds strongly to the mountain peaks and dares any neighboring power to come to try and seize their lands. The strong border defenses of Jurane make their territorial hold on much of northern Lakia and much of the end of the Rhor river which grants it access to the wider ocean at the mouth of the Rhor.


The burgeoning military of Jurane consists of dedicated units of experienced and well-drilled levies complimented with native mercenary troops. Like its neighbors, Jurane employs large units of Landsknecht mercenary companies to complement its armies. Among these Landsknecht are the esteemed Reisläufer pikemen who epitomize the rugged defensive nature of Jurane's army. The Reisläufers of Jurane are considered some of the best in the world and well known for their strategic positioning as well as for their place as the central bulwark of defense in battle.


The Duchy maintains the rites of the Mundana Ecclesia within its borders. Appointing their own head of the theological realm despite the protests of the patriarchy in Tiranar. The Ecclesia in Jurane has taken some aspects of the teachings of the heretical Hurrites in its separation of the Ecclesia and the state. This means that the Ecclesia in Jurane has substansially less power in government than that of neighboring Tiranar which holds its patriarch Durant Bellemar in high regard in King Hasculf's council.

Foreign Relations

Jurane's strength is in its diplomacy, with its diminutive size compared to the vast realms of Tiranar and Menscha which border it directly, Jurane has to remain in these state's good graces in order to maintain its status as a power. Great care is given in giving these states their proper respect and many Juranese diplomats are known for their gracious and demeanor when dealing with the courts of these kingdoms. This does not mean that these diplomats are pushovers, often these gifts given to neighboring monarchs are done under the assumption that they stay out of Juranese affairs and continue to accept peaceful relations with a state more than capable of defending itself from even these powerful kingdoms.

Agriculture & Industry

Home to an excellent herding and farming culture, the Marvingians have managed to make the most of their mountainous location and have utilized the most advanced farming methods in order to make the most of their limited available farmland. Agrarian mages have made the cultivation of diverse crops in the state among the best in the world as the continued use of soil manipulation and multiplied yields make up for the lack of an abundance of available farmland.

"High on these Old Mountains"

Founding Date
265 A.E
Geopolitical, Kingdom
Alternative Names
Reich/Realm of Jurane
Formation Type
Training Level
Veterancy Level
Leader Title
Government System
Monarchy, Absolute
Power Structure
Feudal state
Economic System
Palace economy
The Denier
Official State Religion
Official Languages
Controlled Territories
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