Aliénor de Marteau

Countess of Hailen, Queen and Queen Mother of Tiranar Aliénor de Marteau (a.k.a. Perpulchra (More than Beautiful)

The mother of King Hugh the Tall, Olera Merobaud, and Theude de Marteau, among the most influential women in Tiranar history

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Aliénor de Marteau is a very key figure in the history of Tiranar, the mother of the famous Hugh the Tall as well as Theude de Marteau, ancestor of Tancred de Marteau who would install his son Hasculf on the throne of Tiranar in the late 7th century. Aliénor was the daughter and only child of Count Buchard of Hailen to survive into adulthood. Buchard was one of the most wealthy nobles in the realm but a very reclusive man mostly interested in falconry and scholarly pursuits. Buchard himself ensured his daughter was given among the best possible educations available to the child of a noble of his standing. She learned extensive arithmetic, astronomy, language, and most importantly, history. Aliénor was a fervent student of history and is thought to have been the anonymous author of a written account of the Halsat migratory story which is the primary piece of evidence for the deeds of her distant ancestor Rosyn the Walker.

Aliénor would be fourteen years old when her father died suddenly and she inherited the family estates in Hailen. Many proposals from would-be nobles came to her doorstep during this time and many were rejected as the countess attended to and maintained her shaky position as head of her household. Aliénor would keep her family afloat and despite her relative inexperience with running and ruling, she managed to lead her and her family to prosperity. It is thought that it was during this time that she fell in love with a childhood friend of hers, Provin de Orene, who would later be the father of Theude de Marteau. Eventually, Aliénor would be approached by nobles who brought the proposal of newly crowned King Adrien to her. The two had never spoken to one another yet Aliénor saw a promising opportunity and accepted the matrimony.

She and Adrien would be wed when she was nineteen years old and yet would find nothing but scorn in Caistnac as her high-spirited and flamboyant nature was looked down on by the older aristocracy as extravagant. Aliénor would be the particular target of her mother-in-law Lady de Porcula who often complained about her to Adrien. While Aliénor initially seemed receptive to the king, Adrien soon grew apathetic to her and the pair often slept in different rooms. Adrien held little scorn for his wife, but he found her pestering and "holding ideas above her station" as an anonymous court scribe wrote. Tensions grew and grew between the married couple but were for a time silenced as Aliénor gave birth to the couple's first child, a boy named Hugh. While Aliénor would adore and coddle their first son, Adrien was remarkably harsh towards the boy, privately he claimed that Hugh must have been the product of an affair as the boy was growing abnormally large and many thought he would experience bits of health troubles as a result. The treatment by Adrien of their first child reignited the animosity between the two and not even the birth of a girl by the name of Olera would halt the rift forming between the two.

After Princess Olera's birth, Aliénor shockingly divorced Adrien on the grounds of neglect and mutual animosity, a motion carried and approve by the King who formalized it. Free of her marriage, Aliénor returned to her family's estate and settled back into her role there. The romance with Provin reignited after the two had not seen each other in years and soon after she had returned to Hailen, the pair officially wed and Aliénor gave birth to the couple's first child Theude who was a de Marteau as Aliénor was of higher standing than Provin. During these happy years back at her home, Aliénor sponsored an aura of romance and learning that was described as "The Court of Love", based on developing Tiranar ideals of chivalry and courtly love. Aliénor sponsored literature, poetry, and key historical writings that capture the feeling in the air during this time as one of unbound action and pageantry truly unlike anything seen elsewhere.


Aliénor herself was given a very abnormally thorough and dedicated education by her father and tutored in many fields of study. However, she was also said to be naturally intelligent and a very inquisitive and ponderous woman of sharp wit.


Countess of Hailun
Queen of Tiranar
Queen-Mother of Tiranar

Accomplishments & Achievements

Sponsored numerous works of literature, prose, poetry, and history that are well preserved
Likely anonymously authored a chronicle of the Halsat migrations and life of Rosyn the Walker
Brought up and educated her sons Hugh and Theude as well as her daughter Olera

Intellectual Characteristics


Personality Characteristics

Virtues & Personality perks



Family Ties

Mother of Hugh the Tall, Olera Merobaud, and Theude de Marteau
Wife of King Adrien the Bold and Provin de Orene
Grandmother of King Romel II, Hiltrude Merobaud, Mefred, and Mered Vere and Philip de Marteau

Religious Views

Aliénor and her daughter Olera seem to have been fervent and pious in their belief in the Mundana. Despite their extravagant displays at court, Aliénor seemed a dutiful and generous giver as she frequently invited local peasants to the halls of her castle and threw lesser feasts for them. She founded orphanages and hospitals in Hailen to care for the people she ruled over.

Social Aptitude

Described thoroughly as gracious, lovely, and the embodiment of charm by numerous accounts by court detailers and retainers. Aliénor was a notably gracious host which grew and grew as her fame for joyous feasts and banquets preceded her. She was gentle and kind to her children, in particular, she paid special attention to her first-born Hugh and was particularly worried about his supposed growth pains during his adolescence.


King Adrien le Hardi


Towards Aliénor de Marteau

Aliénor de Marteau


Towards King Adrien le Hardi

Aliénor de Marteau


Towards Provin de Orene

Provin de Orene


Towards Aliénor de Marteau

Current Location
Date of Birth
18th of Modia
Date of Death
4th of Larce
517 A.E 598 A.E 81 years old
Circumstances of Birth
Only child of count Buchard of Hailen
Circumstances of Death
Died of natural causes at the age of 81
Hailen, Vaseau
Place of Death
Hailen, Vaseau
Provin de Orene (spouse)
Dark Green
Pale White
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Red (White in old age)
120 lbs
Quotes & Catchphrases
"Better to have no enemies than to have vanquished them."
Mundana Ecclesia
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations
Known Languages
Character Prototype
Eleanor of Aquitaine


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