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The Royal Sphinx

This particular tavern is found in the northern half of the city and just across the river is the Legal High Court in the southern half. While the inn isn't in the closest street to the river, it is on the corner of the second closest one, which still allows for a good view on the second, third, and fourth floor, as well as the rooftop, thanks to the short structures in front and athwart it.


It seems to a rather regular looking building, with some white and chestnut-coloured bases and dark brown decorations on it, apart from the roof, which seems a colour a few shades darker than silver.   Most windows on the first and third floor seem to be large and made of flat glass, while those on second are smaller, and those in forth are bay windows, melding in with the roof, but also having their own little section of the roof, adorned with a lion or a woman's head, just above the actual window. These windowpanes also seem to be as large as those on the first and third.   The walls of the inn seem to be newer on the latter two floors, though the paint seems recently done, as well as the windowpanes.   In general, it reminds one of Scottish baronial architecture a bit.
Alternative Names
The Royal Sphincter, The Behind Inn
Pub / Tavern / Restaurant
Parent Location

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