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Pla'aron Ports

The wooden boards and stones of the port stretch out in either direction, covering the shores of Pla'aron, connecting to its streets and cobblestone walkways, which lead further away, even beyond the city walls. Ships large and small, of various flags and style are present, either tied with expert knots to the docks and stone, having just arrived and settled in, or otherwise loosening their ropes and raising their anchors, departing; the Ports are in constant motion.   A myriad of small inns, taverns, and pubs present the first line of buildings here, as well as some administrative buildings and high-class shops and restaurants, should you find yourself in the right parts of the coast.

Purpose / Function

The purpose of this port was once almost exclusively for military and exploration ships, which is why a lot of the homes and structures there are quite decorated with military and national elements, have spacious basements, and often thick and strong walls. There also used to be walls which large ships could anchor themselves behind, in case should the enemy somehow break through their city walls.   There is also a large gate at the two main street entrances into and out of the port, which have spikes on top and quite tall.   Nowadays, however, the ports are used for all kinds of ships and events, and usually welcome just about anybody into the port, though there are still a large number of soldiers in the city.
Parent Location

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