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High Rise Tower

A View Up Above

  Whispers in the streets, stories told to children, and quiet little nothings scrawled down upon pieces of paper, which are then slipped between fingers of semi-strangers. All these speak of the High Rise Tower, the tallest building in Pla'aron, as well as the Aasaron Union; some say, the tallest structure in the world, though the Palace of the Mortade Empire is said to rival it, and it is hard to tell which one is taller.   As for its height, it casts a great shadow across a part of the city and the ocean in the morning and nearly surpasses the eastern walls in the evening. It is said to go hundreds of meters into the sky and it is unclear as to how it stands so tall and yet so sturdy, especially with its particular architecture.   The building's structure is at times a spiral and at times more cuboid in nature, with similar shapes attached to the sides of the main building, like branches of a tree. Eventually, all the parts meld together, interviewing around one another and ending in a flat, circular area on the top.  

The Various Functions and Moving Cogs of the Tower

  The Tower is split into several sections, the main ones being The Legal High Court and the Pla'aron Public Library, followed by governmental agencies and officers, lesser in size and importance. One exception, of course, is the office of the current Royal, Zeta Navarro. They work from both the Tower office and the Coin Hill office interchangiably, depending on their needs and their responsibilities for the day.


Roughly four and a half centuries ago, the High Rise Tower was nothing more than a wooden cottage with two floors above the ground and one below, owned by a family of farmers and fishermen. Pla'aron was barely even a town then, not having had any sort of temple or more than a few hundred people within it until some years past.   Eventually, it was rebuilt, and several floors were added on, as the town, and thus the family, became more prosperous. The owners got mixed up into local leadership and politics, though some stayed true to their local craft. Since then, additional constructions and renovations were performed at least a dozen times, and nowadays it stands proud and tall, the original family having gone off elsewhere. The latest improvement added many new floors, corridors, and much-needed security, and was performed by two elven half-brothers, who were said to have been gifted knowledge by the gods enough to build such a tall structure and preserve its balance and strength.
Alternative Names
The Ocean Spiral
Government complex
Parent Location
Owning Organization

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