The Rising Woods Reach

To the north of the Emperor's Crown mountains and the east of the Vile Sea lies the northern most territory of the Elysian Empire. A vast valley climbing from the sea to the top of the mountains surrounding The Emperor's Jewel. The valley is dominated by the mostly evergreen, Rising Woods forest. Snaking through the forest is the Istari Run, a fast and fearsome river that begins at the Emperor's Jewel and flows to the Vile sea, named for the trees prized by the Empire. At the top of the eastern edge of the forest lies Grim Scale's Peak, a singular mountain jutting from the trees and rising like a tower in the sky. The valley rises almost eight thousand feat over it's nearly forty mile stretch from west to east. The valley is both dangerous and prosperous. A large clan of ogres claim the northern half of the valley, while the Elysian Empire gathers and refines glass from the glassy shores and logs Istari wood from groves of Istari Pines hidden among the Rising Woods. Meanwhile the ever-present shadow of Grim Scale's Peak looms over the valley. Tales are told of the menacing shadow of Grim Scale, a massive red drake, being seen just before someone vanishes forever.   Port Glass is the Empire's regional capital and home to the naval academy. It's deep water port is the largest in the Empire and is where the Istari wood is put to use building the Empire's best vessels.   Istari's End is a small settlement just east of where the river meets the Vile Sea. The settlement processes Istari Wood then ships it down to Port Glass. A man-made dam has been created to allow the water to flow past but stop the Istari logs sent down river from the various logging camps. The settlement has a stone wall surrounding it and a large barracks to protect it from any ogre raids.


  • The Rising Woods Reach
    The Rising Woods Reach is a dangerous and prosperous region belonging to the Elysian Empire.
Alternative Name(s)
Grim Scale's Graveyard
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