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Silver valley

Silver valley stretches miles and miles in all directions. The valley floor lies about 70 feet below sea level, and the walls of the valley are steep on most sides, making a descent down to the valley possible only on three points. The north elevator at Three point tower, the western vale exit and the south road.   The valley floor is covered with light bushes and mostly dry soil and yellow grass. There is soil near the town of Silvery valley which is good for farming crops, but most cattle ranches are more common in Silver valley than farms for vegetables.   There are small clusters of trees and forest glens dotted across the valley floor, always centred around a pond or lake. There are only seasonal rivers in the silver valley which occurs at spring when the snow melts and flood parts of the Silver valley,   All over the valley, great mining shafts are dug in to the sides, or open dig rifts are dug straight down to mine the silver veins that give the valley her name. These mining shafts and rifts are often fortified to withstand the seasonal rivers and floods, so most mining operations will have trenches and wooden ramparts.

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