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Language of Steel

Ohuna - the people of Kingdom of Ohun - use Kritish as the primary language. But at some part of the history, they used to have their own language and writing system, which had been talked commonly by the community.

Originated in Ohugas, the people talked with fruity accent, and curvy alphabets inspired by the bent of hot steels, representing their main focus.

The Decline

This was until the fall of Ohugas; The Empire of Kritus taking controlled the capital led to the Krins to travel there freely. The more people come, the more important townspeople to adapt.

Krinish become a way to gain status or economic opportunity in the empire. The natives needed to learn this new language in order to communicate with those newcomers. Generations to generations later, the language eventually disappeared.

Nowaday, only a group of people such as councillors and scholars have learned it, mostly for ritualistic and historical purposes.

The Adapt

Although the original language is no longer spoken, it isn't entirely faded away. A fruity accent that sound weird to native Krins, still exists in the majority of Ohunas even after centuries. The alphabets presented in old buildings are used in metalwork arts and architectures. The curveness of them made very good-looking aesthetic. But sometime there is a beautiful exquisite piece of work that sound non-sense for those who can read.

This statue sound like a fart to me.
— thought Ohuna scholar white giggling.

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Cover image: by Jonathan Bean


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