A Call to Adventure in WorldEmber 2022

"The Trilogy never end. It just return to a status quo."

It has been a very hard time for the past few months. The transition into adulthood is somewhat very difficult and many problem caomes more than I expected. I have even failed the Spooktober. However, the same can't be applied to WorldEmber.

It's been pleasure to achieve such incredible challenge. Since I started my journey I've participated them 3 times - two of them got the badges. So I pledge to myself to reach the 10,000 words this December. Before the biggest challenge begin, the preparation(homework) has to be made. You can click on each headers to learn more details.

Prep I: Pledge Ember

If you have more than one world setting, which one is the most important to you right now? Why?

I'm thinking of my overdue story's plot recently, and it is taking place in Sungear. So I think I'm going to focus on The Exotic Program with a story-focused worldbuilding. On the major scale, I'm going to focus on my biggest world Terraloga. When I look back after a long break, I felt like my world is empty and the pitch is unclear. So I want to fresh it out once more.

Which area of that world setting will allow you to achieve your goals (Continuing your novel/campaign, or starting a new one?).

The dream of Valus the First must be continued. I'm going to focus on the next Channel War, a current conflict in Terraloga between two superpowers. With my rough draft from June, I want to take deeper in details in politic and military. In contrast with The Exotic Program, I'm going to expend on a single story, involving 2 main characters and a few new settings.

How will it help you achieve those goals?

I hope I can finish the first draft of my long-overdue screenplay in The Exotic Program with a proper backstory, and the big, giant leap in the current affair of Terraloga with two possible short-stories.

Prep II: Meta Ember



During the Second Channel War, there are two intertwined stories I want to write. The first story is on the political side. It's going to be taking place inside Irgian, so I want to focus on its politics and society. The second story is on the military side. It's going to take place in one of the naval battles, which might get complicated over with a twist. So I want to focus on their navy on both sides of the war such as warships, ranks, and technologies.


I want my first story to be about espionage. How did ancient people spy on each other? Or how do they keep the important operations secret? On the other hand, the second story is about heroism. What they have to deal with to win the battle, or how they react when the sudden twist happened.


I want to unwrap my Tom Clancy's collection right now.


  • Marin Porkin
  • Geluvisa Theorum
  • Prunos Rarmon
  • Catasoon
  • Triremes
  • Galleys
  • Battle of the Sria
  • Ranks in Maritime Navy
  • The Exotic Program


    For my story to be working, I'm going to focus on a few settings within the city of Sungear, and a few supporting characters for both the hero and the villian. For the past 7 years, I have had many ideas in my folder ready to be used, and I want it finished!


    Theme might be the hardest thing to do. I have so many ideas to explore for years and I can't decide which. After rethinking for a few months, "Overcoming the Loss" seems to fit the story the most, so I will take a deep dive into it.


    On visual aspects, I always imagine my world to be deep blue with warm lighting, or something like the 90's media like this or this. It feels nostalgic and I like that style so much. Other inspirations are movies I picked up from my main meta: Vertigo (1958) and Surrogate (2009).


  • Valoza Apartment
  • 101/3 Commerce Villa III, Oracle Street
  • Verdin Cinema
  • Novem-Pine Market
  • The Brain Schema
  • Miller
  • Cara
  • Teddy
  • Jake
  • Prep III: Organized Ember

    As the main story is consistently updated, what I'm going to do is to recatagorize my works to fit the narration. Story-related articles are moved into specific chapters as well as giving them names. I also reduce the nesting articles as much as possible, meaning that some catagories might be unused, which is mean the homepage to be updated too. I'll use the tag system on refering the information from one specific article. Look at Daily Life of Valonian, for example.

    Look at the homepage or click the left button.

    Prep IV: Imagi-Ember

    Look at this freshy made artwork from my Mapvember 2022!

    Honestly, I currently have no idea what visual should I make for upcoming challenge. I'm not sure if I'm going to make these arts until the December arrived. If so, I will use the sketchy artstyle on Terraloga, which you can look at my examples on the article block here - at the Artworks (Simple) section.

    Likewise in the Exotic Program, but instead I'm going to use the Artworks (Complex), as well as a bunch of stock images.


    Week One

    No articles, only drafts
    — :(

    Week Two

    Week Three

    Week Finale

    Wrath of the Power Stone
    Plot | Dec 31, 2022
    You get me this time, Moth-holders!
    — Adcheryl, 1/1/2023


    Author's Notes

    12/11/2022 - Prep One completed!
    13/11/2022 - Prep Two completed!
    17/11/2022 - Add articles to work with :>
    28/11/2022 - Prep Three completed!
    29/11/2022 - The horde of Moth-holders is ready to be purged! All homeworks completed.
    30/11/2022 - I've been featured today! It mean a lot to me. I'm so much appriciated :D
    10/12/2022 - First article published!

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    29 Nov, 2022 01:46

    Good Luck!

    29 Nov, 2022 18:57

    And you as well. Thank you!

    Come visits Terraloga, the story of the fictional Romans on how they are going to rule the known world.

    29 Nov, 2022 16:20

    I love the Moth-holder army! Good luck this WorldEmber!

    29 Nov, 2022 19:01

    Thank you so much! The only way to beat them is stamping with articles. Let's hope it will not corroded by procrastination xD

    Come visits Terraloga, the story of the fictional Romans on how they are going to rule the known world.

    26 Dec, 2022 09:57

    Check in time! How's your progress going for WorldEmber? :D

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    26 Dec, 2022 19:26

    Not quite good. I'm so busy this month. I may not achieve the goal unfortunately :(   Any tips?

    Come visits Terraloga, the story of the fictional Romans on how they are going to rule the known world.

    27 Dec, 2022 11:15

    Hey that's okay, sometimes busy things come up :)   Hmmm tips... I would say first sit and ask yourself if you WANT to still reach 10k this year. If you don't, that's perfectly okay! Life takes priority and WorldEmber comes around every year, so there's always next time :)   If you do still want to go for it, divide your remaining wordcount by the number of days left. It might look like a scary number still, so break it down further into two (or three) chunks. Those chunks you can try to chip away at any time you've got a spare few minutes in the day.   Also if time feels tight, leave the editing until later! Braindump the worldbuilding! Be fearless of messy articles! Even if the words stop flowing and you end up jotting down bullet point lists in your articles, that's okay and you can tidy things up after you've reached your goal :)   I hope that helps!

    Creator of the dark fantasy world of Melior
    Latest Work:
    Gauntlet - my shiniest article this year!
    28 Dec, 2022 06:08

    Thank you so much for the advices! I'll try my best :D

    Come visits Terraloga, the story of the fictional Romans on how they are going to rule the known world.