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Vortigern of Sadaprax

The Golden King

Written by David_Ulph

Lord Vortigern of Sadaprax (a.k.a. Vortigern Emlyn)

Mental characteristics

Personal history


After the Losalf Conclaves of the Eastern Isles rose up and consolidated their power, Vortigern's former Golden Empire remained only in the barren Krathnar lands of the Faar Isles. His senior advisers trapped between the Obsidian Tower of Mylrondia and the strongholds of the Western Isles did not need to inform Vortigern that any hopes of resistance after this point would be pitiful. Instead of resisting the encroaching armies, Vortigern sealed himself away in the dungeons of a stronghold-palace, toiling incantations day after day and draining the life force out of his own warriors. He was preparing himself for his death and destiny to ascend to godhood.   Within a month peasants and warriors alike stormed the palace of Agavortaius and set it aflame, running down the weakened guards and dragging Vortigern out with beatings and in bloody rags. Vortigern was bound by the very chains he had his enemies held in before and dragged through the streets, circling the city nine times as the people threw rocks at his body, breaking his knees and fracturing his ribs. The chains, rusted from time, dug deep into his wrists and ankles cutting them and circling the city with his blood. All this time, those that dragged Vortigern through the streets could hear him mumbling dark words out of a cracked jaw.   While the scholars of the city fled with their scrolls and knowledge, knowing what dark arcana the Golden King had conducted in his final days, Vortigern was strung up by his chains above his own banquet table and the freed men rejoiced in the capture of their greatest enemy. However, just as the scholars had fled earlier, the elders at the banquet felt a sense of unease, still hearing the murmuring incantations of the Golden King's final breaths.   On the climax of the feast, the rabble decided that Vortigern didn't deserve a formal execution and should be killed as a common criminal, without regards to name or stature. When night fell across the land, Vortigern was forced to crawl outside the city to the crack of nine whips. He was led to the Thieves Hill not too far beyond the city walls and with a long rope tied around his neck he was hung until death. But Vortigern did not struggle or cry out, he just tried his best to laugh and laugh through blood and a tightening windpipe.   Before long, Vortigern had stopped writhing and breathing but the people could not rest for his cackling seemed to linger in the wind of the valley. The Golden King was dead and yet no one could bring themselves to celebrate further.
Divine Classification
Neutral Evil, leaning to Lawful
Honorary & Occupational Titles
The Golden King
Circumstances of Birth
Born inheriting the Seed of Arassai
Circumstances of Death
Died to allow ascension to Godhood
Sadaprax, Myphros

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