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Written by David_Ulph

In Terralba, while crime and corruption is vast, it also festers deep. By the time of the late Third Age, the seeds of cults and criminal organizations have grown expansive roots set solid into the foundations of the Great Western Empire. At the forefront of this Underbelly War are the City Guard Regiments and heading their assaults on the Crime Lords are the keenest of these Watchmen, scouted by their superiors and elevated to the ranks of Investigator. Investigators are tasked with the unending job of solving crimes and rooting out the criminals hiding in modern society. These skilled individuals will be ripped away from possible rural communities they served in before where a Watchman could easily accomplish the same goal, and thrown into the GWE's largest and most dangerous settlements, where the Crime Lords have worked in the shadows since as long as the Imperial Law was invented.
Unlike their previous City Watchmen comrades, Investigators are seen as law officials rather than enforcers and so will gain the salary on par with other lawmen such as bailiffs and judges.
During Patron's expeditions, Investigators will use their previous experience as City Watchmen in enforcing the law and dealing with miscreants, which give them a feel for any related encounters anywhere throughout the GWE. They can also manipulate and weasel out information from people to find the wider picture. Usually, an Investigator will be knowledgeable in a vast range of topics where one will always be pertinent of the situation. Usually, an Investigator will be paid 15 Imperial Hulti (or the equivalent in the region) at the start of an expedition for their services.

Roleplaying Tables

Personality Trait

1 You always write down bits of information you think is useful, even if you have to write on your hands and arms when you're out of parchment.
2 You make a game of speculating what people around you do for a living, and what secrets they are hiding.
3 You never let a mystery remain unsolved.
4 You talk incredibly quickly when you are excited, making yourself difficult to understand.
5 You try to help people less intelligent than yourself to understand what you are saying by talking slowly.
6 You dislike it when people are quick to make judgements, and are not convinced about anything unless hard evidence is shown first.
7 You have an annoying habit you do when you are thinking.
8 To conserve energy, you only talk when it is absolutely required.


1 Law (Lawful) The Guards do their job of protecting the law, if your information and answers can help, all the better.
2 Liberation (Chaotic) Secrets should never be kept, they should be shared, no matter the consequences.
3 Money (Neutral) If the pay is right, you'll look into it.
4 Greater Good (Good) Everyone will be safer with secrets uncovered.
5 Power (Evil) Knowledge is power, and if people want to keep them secret, all the better.
6 Knowledge (Any) You have to know everything, no matter the cost.


1 An ex-partner is doing hard time for a crime you know they didn't commit, and you will do anything to get them out.
2 You work closely with the guards, criminals, or urchins in a certain area. They help you in your investigation as long as you help them as well.
3 A noble has you on retainer to find dirt on their rivals and ensure the protection of their family. As long as the pay is good and consistent you don't mind.
4 You grew up in an especially rough environment, and you want to make it safer.
5 You keep getting close to a slippery underground organization, and you will try and uncover it no matter the cost.
6 You are trying to find your lover that one day disappeared without a trace.


1 You collect dirt on whoever hires you, in case you need some leverage.
2 Sometimes you take the law into your own hands.
3 You are very bad at talking to people, insulting them without realizing it.
4 In your pursuit of the truth, you sometimes go too far and endanger others.
5 You can't say no to money.
6 You have a nemesis you failed to put away in a secure prison after exposing their villainy, and you shudder to think what they're doing now they've escaped.
Alternative Names
Associated Professions
I regret to inform you, that your husband is buried in Goodman Korstaff's vegetable garden, beneath the turnips. That'll be 6 Hulti and 4 Qucri, please
Unknown Investigator
Generic Noble 1
by Jan Marek

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