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Bounty Hunter

Written by David_Ulph

In Terralba, crime is always rife and around every corner as it is, for many, the only way to truly survive. While mercenaries are technically illegal in the late Third Age under the Great Western Empire, Imperial Representatives have the authority to award a Certificate of Bounty Hunting. Registered Bounty Hunters live by legally selling their services to nobility, guilds, courts and councils that require someone to track down, capture or kill wanted outlaws. A Bounty Hunter makes their living tracking down people, travelling vast distances depending on how appealing the pay is, being paid by the bounties they complete. The organisation or Patron that advertised the bounty is, by Imperial Law, obligated to pay the promised amount to the Hunter when they bring back the target alive, or bringing their head.
While Bounty Hunters may be few and far between in some areas, there is a sense of rivalry between them, each one wanting to earn a living from bounties available. This can extend to violence between Hunters and even commanding wars or assassinations on one another with the help of criminal contacts. The nobility of the GWE may find Bounty Hunters distasteful, but they are an effective counter to problems a local area may face and so are treated as a necessary evil. The poor never welcome the presence of a Hunter, viewing them with fear as the most successful ones are the most ruthless, meaning they find it easier to bring bounties in dead than alive.
A Bounty Hunter's tools of the trade are whichever weapons they are proficient with. They may also carry a board game or instrument to earn extra coin and bargain information from locals when tracking their bounty. During Patron's expeditions, Bounty Hunters will use their contacts with criminal organisations and other Bounty Hunters they are allied to or friendly with. If their travels come across an area or settlement they are familiar with, they will more often than not have insider information that most do not. Usually, a Bounty Hunter will be paid 20 Imperial Hulti (or the equivalent in the region) at the start of an expedition for their services.

Roleplaying Tables

Personality Trait

1 You tend to approach conversation with people you've just met as though it were an interrogation.
2 You project arrogance and conceit at times, especially after turning in a troublesome bounty.
3 You will accept the help of others with a bounty, so long as they can prove their skill to you first.
4 You will do anything for payment.
5 You're not prone to idle chatter, and prefer keeping to yourself unless the topic is business.
6 You have a great deal of practical experience from hunting bounties, and can relate to almost any situation.
7 You're rather adept at playing games of skill such as darts or cards.
8 You frequently move from town to town, eager to pursue new marks and seek new contacts.


1 Justice (Lawful) These people have violated the law once. You won't let it happen twice.
2 Wealth (Chaotic) The only path to true freedom is having enough money to do as you will.
3 Brutality (Evil) Money pales to the brilliance of the life draining from their eyes.
4 Morality (Good) It's not enough to hunt them down. They have to understand what they've done is reprehensible.
5 Ambiguity (Neutral) This job's just a job, like any other. Nothing personal against your targets.
6 Endurance (Any) In no other line of work could anyone expect to test their limits so completely.


1 You were once a soldier, but a former comrade's betrayal forced you to desert and into this life.
2 Though your friends are few, you owe them your life many times over, and would happily die for them.
3 Your family's name has been destroyed by horrendous tales and vile rumour, and this path is the only recourse to find the truth.
4 One of your contracts turned sour, and now you have found yourself at the wrath of a dangerous employer.
5 All of your deeds would surely consign you to prison, you only stay free by serving law officials.
6 Mindless thuggery stole the life of one you cherished, and the price they must pay is one you will collect.


1 Your time tracking bounties has left you skittish and paranoid. Now, you get no true rest as you sleep.
2 Not only are you good at what you do, but you love what you do, and you hate yourself for it.
3 You refuse to believe anyone can be trusted, and will root through their life until you're satisfied they can be.
4 In your youth, your actions earned me the brand of a criminal, and those mistakes haunt you and your fellows to this day.
5 It is only for your own selfish need to be the best at what you do that you abandon your team to bring the bounty in first.
6 Contract or not, you never bring murder bounties back alive. They showed no mercy, and so neither will you.
Alternative Names
Thief Catcher, Thief-Taker
Legal with registration under the Great Western Empire.
Now, seen as I have this pretty little crossbow aimed at your head, you have a very simple choice to make. You can either tell your story to me, or tell it to your Gods
Unknown Bounty Hunter
Bounty Hunter
by Jan Marek

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