All the Gold

  SALAZ - Annum 1369 - Treasure hunters have sought Ashgra’s Fortune for thousands of years. When Grint stumbles upon it during a simple snatch and grab, he hatches a plan to abscond with the hoard. To do so, he’ll have to contend with city guards, guilds, rival thieves, and a Parthian barbarian. If he can get past all of them, he’ll have a chance... just a chance... to get out of Salaz with... All the Gold.   Available in Paperback and eBook formats.  AMAZON
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"Thief in the street, Thief in the gutter,
One coin, two coin, poor as butter.
Thief on the roof, Thief in the night,
Three gold, four gold, all is right.
Thieves getting drunk, Thieves like to skim,
All gold everywhere, the drinks are on him!"
- Sons of Hobbe 

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