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Two Piece Bridge

Purpose / Function

The purpose of this bridge was, once, to merely connect the two sides of the city. Now, however, it is also meant to let ships pass and is used as a way to show off the wealth, artistic merit, and the creative technology of the city. It is also often used as a pedestrian area exclusively, or to make announcements. It is also the site of several key events and festivals which happen annually.


The bridge was originally built some three hundred years ago, though it was mostly made up of wooden planks and decoration. It was some decades later rebuilt out of stone after a flood had taken most of it down, and washed it away, though it was soon after altered to include marble decorations and support beams, though these proved to not go well with the stone base, and thus the whole thing was revamped and rebuilt yet again, now mostly out of marble.   At a later date, some seventy years ago, metal was first incorporated into the bridge, as a means of support and additional decoration, though about a decade ago or so, the bridge had to undergo a whole new change, extra support being added to assure that, during movement, no bricks or parts of it would fall off, seeing as the city was turning the bridge into a two-piece structure which could, manually, be separated and raised via new technology.   This allowed larger ships to pass to and fro the ocean and the river, thus increasing trade and traffic, and income for the city, as well as tourism.   During one of the renovations in the past century, it was arranged for a young, aspiring elven artist, Erendriel Perynore, to create a decoration which could be put onto the sides of the bridge. They created two nearly identical agents, the sculptures partly made of gold and partly of iron; while the angel facing away from the ocean and the ports held the city in its cupped hands, the one whose eyes were turned toward the sky above the ocean horizon held a large clock, which ticked loudly enough to be heard from either end of the bridge. One half of its face was normal, while the other contained merely the eye, the rest of that half stripped away to show a skull, damaged in various places, the cracks and missing pieces allowing us to see clockwork and gears ticking and turning.   Thus the alternative name: the Clockwork Angel.

Alternative Names
The Clockwork Angel, The Market Bridge
Parent Location

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