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The Twins' Lifeline: The Garden

And then there were none.
  The great marble-like columns, smooth to the touch, but stronger than stone, protrude through the ground, creating a sort of an archway as it stands crooked, in the Glowing Forest. Trees are not to be found within twenty feet of any point of the structures, and neither moss nor grass has overgrown these strong beams. Their tops, however, are damaged and the material is crumbled and it seems as if more may fall apart and fall off any second now, but it never does, no matter how long you watch them. They lead through the forest, some thirty or forty feet, before they eventually cease and disappear as an overgrown patch of trees take over and there is but a mere, smaller version of one of the columns there, with a slight dent within it, open to the fresh air, as if some sort of sphere or a ball is supposed to go into it.

Purpose / Function

The Garden was used as an entrance way to the place of worship for those who believed and prayed to The Twins. However, it seems that nobody has visited this temple for quite some time and it all simply became ruin.

Unknown, but probably over thousands of years ago.
Alternative Names
The Dead's Rest, The Broken Life
Parent Location
The Glowing Forest
Connected Rooms
Owning Organization
Characters in Location

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