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The Cube

The light blue surface shimmers lightly in the low illumination of the room. As movement sturs in the room through the door left of it, it begins to move too. Awakening is not easy, not after so long, but it manages and it responds to the calls of its new users, despite not actually being hailed or even known of; this is simply what it was meant to do.  

Uses & Functions

  It appears that the functions of this little cube-shaped device are unknown; it is either malfunctioning or not ready to do its thing yet or there is another issue entirely. What is known is that the device is able to react and interact with the systems of The Underground Sacred Ruin and thus seems very useful while one is down below.   It also appears to be able to either brighten or dim the light coming from spells, fire, and artificial illumination as well.   At times it seems as if it has a mind of its own that is more than that of just some beast or pet.


It seemed to be a sort of a key for the many functions of the underground ruins it was found within. It could have been a rather important piece of technology, used every day for assistance and movement.

Item type
This item is thought to be unique, though there may be a few more left over, from the ancient society which made them. Their possible locations are unknown.

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