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The Kingdom of Ghandir is currently plagued by a civil war with the nefarious Lord Nattur, who has seceded from the Kingdom in an act of treason and formed The Crescent Order. The recently self proclaimed King Nattur has dispatched his forces with the mission to capture arcane users and combat against the forces of Ghandir.   To the south, you will find the Land of Eskistan, with its lush cities within a desert oasis. Leaving the continent and traveling westward come across find the volcanic Island of Ebrya, a harsh environment and home to the Dragonborn. Passing the Island of Ebrya, and you will land on the Dwarven Kingdom of Vanaheim to the north, and to the south is the Elven land of Shahas.   Before the Modern Age, the land was in turmoil as the balance of magic became unstable. This era was known as the Dark Age and was ushered with the appearance of a dark omen, a bursting star. The ancient texts recall this era as a time where those with arcane abilities turned mad, mostly in part due to the immense power surge they felt. Friend turned on friend, son turned on father, neighbor against neighbor as the mage-plague swept the land. Those without magical abilities hunted down those that did, regardless if they were sane or had gone mad.   The masters of the arcane arts and many faithful attribute this dark time to tragic events having occurred in the realm of the gods. While others refer to this time as a cautionary account, using it as an argument to discriminate against and even subdue arcane users.

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