War of Two Sisters

War of Two Sisters was a civil war in the Queendom of Esteria. When Queen Sophia II died in 829 AA, her two twin daughters, Althea and Isidora, started a conflict to determine who should inherit the crown. As they were Sophia's only children the question of inheritance was widely disputed in the queendom since the day they were born. As twins there was no clear way to determine who was the eldest daughter. Queen Sophia II hoped that the Dames of Elfspire would find a diplomatic solution.

The Conflict


After the funeral of queen Sophia II, Dames of Elfspire, most powerful people in the queendom after the queen, called Althea and Isidora to discuss the matter of inheritance. In the queendom, the Dames have the right to resolve conflicts around the crown inheritance. They suggested a co-rule where both Althea and Isidora are crowned queens and both are equal in status. Althea was ready to accept it, but Isidora disagreed and left the room.

Isidora went to the priests of Esther as well as to the Church of Earth to seek support. The Church of Earth wished to remain neutral, but the priests of Esther agreed. They said that since the founding of the Queendom there has always been only one queen and Isidora should be crowned.

Dames of Elfspire and Althea didn't accept this. In their opinion, the priests had no right to proclaim a queen. As such, the Dames proclaimed Althea the queen.

The majority of knights and battle mages from the royal army rallied to support Althea, but Isidora managed to get more support from the common folk. Additionally, Isidora's battle mages were supported by the clerics of Esther.


Althea gathered her forces at Elfspire. Seeing that some of the Dames tried to persuade her to leave the city for the duration of the war while they would ensure its neutrality. Althea didn't agree. In her eyes, abandoning the capital would equal surrender.

To Althea's side gathered most of the Esterian knights including the Crimson Order, the military arm of the Church of Esther. The Order was the only part of Church which didn't support Isidora.

Meanwhile, Isidora gathered her forces near Grand Crossing, a town on the border with the Inherited Empire directly across from Gasa Edhil, empire's capital. While only knights of a strength of 5 banners joined her, Isidora had an infantry advantage. Thanks to the support from the Church of Esther, she managed to win a lot of support from the common folk who joined her forces.

The Engagement

Throughout the war there was many skirmishes and battles. Isidora was attempting to capture the capital of Elfspire, while Althea was trying to force her sister to surrender.

Siege of Elfspire

After assmebling her forces Isidora marched on Elfspire and laid siege to the city. Its defenders consisted of the city guard, royal army, knights of the Crimson Order and house forces of the Dames of Elfspire. Isidora's forces were forced to retreat when they were in danger of being attacked from the rear by advacing enemy forces.

Battle of Esther's Rest

Isidora tried to capture a holy settlement where, according to legend, Esther prayed before ascending to godhood. The main goal of this attack was to secure even more support from the Church of Esther. She captured the settlement, but the defenders locked themselves in the temple complex. They managed to defend there until the arrival of Althea's forces.

Siege of Grand Crossing

Siege of Grand Crossing was the final battle of the war. Althea's forces surrounded the town which served as Isidora's base. Althea's commanders urged her to attack the walls and take the city by force. However, Althea herself wanted to starve the defenders. She hoped that Isidora wouldn't want the people of the city to suffer. In response, Isidora marched her forces outside the walls and attacked her sister's army. Althea won and Isidora surrendered.


After Isidora's surrender Althea was advised to have her executed, but she didn't do it. It felt wrong for her to kill her own twin sister.

Shortly after the end of the war a coronation ceremony took place in Elfspire where Althea officially became queen. Isidora was present at the ceremony as a prisoner. Later, as Althea's first royal decree, Isidora was banished from the Queendom.


The War of Two Sisters forced the Queendom to establish clear rules regarding succession when twins are first in the order of succession. Currently, the rules say that in such a case a co-rule is to be established. If one of the twins is against a trial by combat is took place and the winner becomes the new queen.

Conflict Type
Battlefield Type
Start Date
829 AA
Ending Date
831 AA
Conflict Result
Althea's victory and ascend to the throne


Althea's Loyalists

Led by

Isidora's Loyalists

Led by


  • 10 banners of knights
  • 300 mages
  • 2000 infantry
  • 5 banners of knights
  • 100 mages
  • 3000 infantry
  • Casualties

  • 25 knights
  • 100 mages
  • 800 infantry
  • 20 knights
  • All mages
  • 1500 infantry
  • Objectives


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