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Summer Camp 2023 Pledge

So, it's Summer Camp season again! Let's get ready! Grab your tools and water bottles and have fun!
— KajetanWrites

Theme Preparation

Theme 1 - Power

The first wave of Summer Camp prompts will have the theme of "Power". As Terra Nova is quite a new setting I would like to use these prompts to develop the countries of the world. I want to show both the internal workings of the countries as well as power dynamics between them.

Powerful Organizations

  • Inherited Empire - a country founded by humans who believed that humanity was brought to Terra Nova to be the Inheritors of the fallen elven civilization. They took their appreciation of the elven culture to the point of worshipping elves as deities.
  • Queendom of Esteria - a country unique on the world scale that is a matriarchal and matrilineal culture. They worship Esther, one of the Queendom's founders who ascended to godhood.
  • Kingdom of Avalon - a country with strong Arthurian inspirations in its formation. It is led by a king, but the real power sits with the round table of knights.
  • Republic of Liberty - a democratic nation that is build upon the tradition of the United States, the home country of the first humans.
  • Shadow Realm - an area where humans corrupted by shadow magic live. it is said that a shadow mage is their leader.
  • League of Free Cities - A loose confederation of rich merchant cities whose wealth was created by trading amber which is present in particularly huge quantities in this part of the continent.
  • High Priesthood of Earth - the ruling organization of the Church of Earth, a religion that sees Earth as a paradise from which humans were thrown out.
  • Kingdom of the Eagle - country south of the Southern Mountains. It was founded by people who were mostly Polish Americans.

  • Interesting Power Dynamics

  • Queendom of Esteria and the Inherited Empire have been in conflict for all of their history. Rulers of the Inherited Empire see the territories of the Queendom as theirs. The reason for it was that the founders of the Queendom were people who disagreed with the views of the founder of the Inherited Empire.
  • Republic of Liberty is defending its northern border against the forces of the Shadow Realm. In the eyes of many the Republic is the defender of the world against the Shadows.
  • For many years the kings of Avalon have been relegated to a mostly ceremonial role. However, the current king, Robert III, is trying to regain some of the royal power. It brings him in conflict with the First Knight of the Round Table.
  • High Priesthood on Earth spreads its control throughout the countries following their religion.

  • Theme 2 - Frontier

    As Terra Nova is quite a new project there is plenty of possibilities to go with frontiers. I could go with borders between any two of the countries. Mountains are a common natural border in this world. The Shadow Forest is one of the bigger frontier-like areas. The only problem is that I already wrote an article about. However, I could write articles about parts of it.

    The borders between the Republic of Liberty and the Shadow Realm as well as between the Inherited Empire and the Queendom of Esteria could be interesting frontiers considering the conflicts associated with those regions.

    The mountains between the Kingdom of Avalon and Republic of Liberty are the only piece of land that connects Avalon to the rest of the continent. Such a place must be of big importance. It might be important for the Kingdom of Avalon to control the routes through the mountains

    Map of Terra Nova (open full size to see borders of countries)
    Terra Nova
    Map made by KajetanWrites in Wonderdraft

    Another frontier in Terra Nova is a scientific and magical one. Some of the wizards are investigating the possibility of interdimensional travel. They are looking into what brought the first humans to Terra Nova. Maybe they could create a connection with Earth? Or maybe there are other worlds out there?

    Theme 3 - Relic

    Relics can be found all over Terra Nova. The most common examples are the relics of the long dead elven civilization. Additionally, I can write about the disabled pieces of technology that were transported from Earth.

    Theme 4 - Communication

    I hope this doesn't mean we will get a conlang prompt. Conlangs are too hard. I could write about how people who came to a world which was on its way to becoming super-connected to the much slower medieval methods of communication.

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