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Kingdom of Avalon

Avalon is a kingdom in the west of the continent of Terra Nova. From its beginning it has been heavily influenced by the Arthurian legends of Earth. Apart from being named after the mythical island of Avalon, the kingdom's capital is called Camelot and there is a round table of knights who assist the king.

From now on to the end of the world people of Avalon will live in the Kingdom of Summer. Me and my knights will keep this country safe!
— Arthur the Uniter, first King of Avalon


The country was founded as a monarchy led by a king. From the very start the kings of Avalon had a council of knights, known as the Round Table of Avalon, who advised them. However, over the years the real power has drifted to the knights of the round table. The First Knight, the leader of the council, has become the de facto head of state. Today, the king has almost no power and his position is mostly symbolic.

Round Table of Avalon by KajetanWrites with MidJourney

Historically, the First Knight was appointed by the king for a five-year term. As the balance of power was shifting towards the knights the appointment of the First Knight also changed. Today, he is chosen by the knights of the round table and the king only confirms the choice. There is no law forbidding the king from refusing and choosing someone else, but tradition dictates that the king shouldn't interfere in the process.


The whole territory of the present-day Kingdom of Avalon has been shielded from the corruption of shadow magic and from attacks by shadow monsters. It was possible thanks to a magical source, known today as the Source of Avalon, which fuels all life in the region. During the fall of the elves a mage used the power of the source to shield the region. He also used this power tp enter into a stasis state in which he survived until the arrival of the humans. He is known as the Last Elf.

The source must be protected. This land must remain pure. I'm fading. You must bond with it and take up the mantle.
— The Last Elf to Arthur the Uniter

Before dying, the Last Elf gave the mission of protecting the land to Arthur the Uniter. Through the bond with the Source of Avalon Arthur was able to bring peace to the land and create a united kingdom.

The Unification War

Pledge of the Avalonian Lords by KajetanWrites with MidJourney

Not all Avalonian leaders were happy to accept Arthur's leadership. Lords of New Chicago and Elftower, two of the biggest territories of Avalon, forged an alliance to defeat Arthur. Many other lords joined them. After a long fight the lords were defeated and pledged their allegiance to Arthur.

The Round Table

To ensure the stability of the realm, Arthur invited the most prominent of the lords to join the Round Table. Back then it was just an advisory body to the king. Its members came from all over the kingdom and all were equal. The First Knight of the Round Table was named primus inter pares - first among equals.


Church of Earth is the most common religion in the Kingdom of Avalon. However, the country doesn't have a state religion and people of all faiths are welcome. Aside from the followers of the Church of Earth one can find followers of Esther, worshippers of the elves and many others.

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2 AA
Geopolitical, Kingdom
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Monarchy, Constitutional
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Feudal state
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