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Boston Peninsula

Boston Peninsula is a landmass that marks the entrance to the inner part of the Amber Bay in the west of the continent. Its name comes from the Earth city of Boston and was given to the peninusla because the majority of humans who arrived here came from that city. Today, the peninsula is the centre of the League of Free Cities and a trade hub focused on exporting amber.


Throughout the centre of the peninsula goes a range of hills from which several rivers start. The areas north and south of the hills are covered mostly in forests. Almost all non-forest areas are adapted for agricultural use.

Natural Resources

Land on the peninsula doesn't offer many resources. The hills in the centre are a source of good quality stones and the forest offer good wood. Beside that there isn't much on the Boston Peninsula. Only the abundance of amber on the shore of the peninsula allowed the local cities to become rich and prosperous.


  • Boston Peninsula
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