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13th day of Osąd in year 2016

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The picture is a rough draft.   Lightere is split by a mountain range that holds the continent in two kingdoms. One is ruled by the great Pirate King Byrnne. The other is run by Ashstride, a noble family that has been ruling that kingdom just as long or longer then Byrnne. Sirusulti used to be a great place, no one really knows what happened to this place. It now has a great cavern in the middle of the continent and the winds are so rough that there are hardly any people who stay there with the fear of falling down the cavern. Wolfulti, this is where Pandora is, the prince of the kingdom go around the continent killing undead to try to save the continent from undead.   Littleosse, it is cut into 3rds with a wall built by the ancient dwarves, then a mountain range that the dwarves live in now. the middle part is full of monsters so powerful that not many people are allowed to go to. Zion, the eastern city, is home to a huge monk monistary. Margarita, the western city, is home to a huge mage college that holds many of the different mages that are in the world. Morte, this continent is ruled by a great Vampire King Taalin, most of the continent is dead full of undead monsters because of Taalin and Maira taking over the kingdom there. Sootike is split in half by a great river, the Eastern city is run by a dark knight who is trying to make a demon army and there is a city surrounded by mountains that help the innocents pass to the western part of the continent to bridge town. The Galantomos run the western part keeping the roads safe for the caravans.   Now Terrin rules most of the waters, it is the worlds trade port and is the biggest place in the world, it is a melting pot of people there as well. Midere is where there was an elven and human war for a while, the elves where not a fan of having anyone else in their continent that they tried to keep it closed off of any other races until the humans found a way around that. Toria is run by templars and are not a safe place for any magic at all.