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Novogo Kiyeva

Novogo Kiyeva is an advanced city. Freed from the grasp of the Russian government, Ukraine flourished. It's vast fields and large fishing areas made it into the primary food creator in the European Union. Novogo Kiyeva consolidated that wealth, creating a hub for education and the advancement of the natural sciences. The Rynok Novogo Kiyeva, translated to Market of New Kiev, is the house of wonders in the city. Housing not only Novogo Kiyeva's only University, it is the largest market in the European Union, and the center of trade from Africa and Asia. Even during periods of conflict with the Eastern Defense Bloc the market has a constant flow of goods. To protect these new found riches a wall was erected around the city, a barrier of steel and robotics that protects the denizens of the city from the everlasting threat of invasion. The citizens of Novogo Kiyeva are primarily Human, however, the subterranean catacombs have allowed for colonies of Shadows to form.


Population consists mostly of Slavic People, however people of other ethnicity are not uncommon as it is a trade port. Most travelers are Asian. Primarily over 20 yrs of age, because of proximity to border. Underworld is very prevalent, almost open to the public. Anything can be found in the markets on the outlying regions of the Rynok Kiyeva, the Chernyy Rynok Yevropy.


Elected Council for the city, but the Mayor is the current President of Ukraine. Laws are relaxed, but illicit materials such as drugs are highly controlled if not outright banned. Port Authorities hold the most authority as they regulate the beating heart of the city, however they also tend to be the most corrupt. High taxes on all cargo moving through the city, primary source of income is taxing and charging trade ships for docking and resupply.


A Wall constructed from steel and concrete surrounds the city, with some sections of the city separated from older sections of Wall before the city expanded. The Grazhdanskaya gvardiya patrols the Wall along with robotic soldiers that run along tracks. An Armory and Headquarters is built into the section of Wall closest to the Government Sector, providing a quick response and resolute defense from outside threats. Large caliber guns are mounted on the wall, towers appearing every thousand feet to provide a firing platform. SAM sites are dotted throughout the city, providing a net of coverage against any craft which is attempting to enter the city from the air or space. Novogo Kiyeva's most powerful defense however, is the 250 mm Railgun that is on a pedestal in the middle of Rynok Novogo Kiyeva. This stands as a beacon of safety to all the citizens who see it. Old T-190 tank walkers are also positioned at all gates and behind the walls, providing armor support for the infantry of the Grazhdanskaya gvardiya.

Industry & Trade

Most Kiyeva participate in the sea trade. Hundreds of thousands are dock workers, loading and unloading hundreds of ships per day. Thousands more are store workers and commercial drivers, transporting and selling the goods produced in the city and brought in from far outside the borders. Wealthy businessmen are present, but mostly preside in their tall homes near the Rynok Novogo Kiyeva, overlooking the operations of their assets below. Some Kiyeva are students and faculty at the University, but most of the students and faculty are immigrants and international transfers. One of the largest markets in Novogo Kiyeva however, would be the Chernyy Rynok Yevropy. This underground Market is the largest of its kind in Europe. Outsiders contribute a lack of regulation and effective policing of the outskirts of the Rynok Novogo Kiyeva. But, if you ask one of the varied citizens of of the city they will tell you that corruption of Port Officials is hard to root out, so the market exists to supply the various illegal goods to all of Europe. Anything can be found in this market, from drugs, to exotic pets, to other humans. As much as the police seem to confiscate there always seems to be a constant flow of goods and suppliers, ready to fill any void created by the raids and inspections that remove their competition. On the western outskirts of the markets there is the Zemlya Seksa, the red light district of Novogo Kiyeva. Not many Kiyeva work here when compared to the other industries, but there is still a significant number compared to other cities. While the activities are legal, it does provide a useful cover for many, many other illegal activities.


Port is the primary infrastructure to the city. It is directly next to the Rynok Kiyeva, large gates providing flows into the different areas of the market. All streets inside the walls are paved and well maintained. Gates for the access to the city from land are scattered, but there are only a half dozen. Factories are a common sight along the shoreline, as are sewer lines, transporting the human waste to the offshore processing facilities. The Port also houses several dry docks for civilian ships, as well as a few for military use. Novogo Kiyeva has little in the way of military industry, but does have a large city guard, or the Grazhdanskaya Gvardiya, to protect it's way of life.


Large factories for food stuffs as well as a few for other goods like clothing are the primary manufacturing. The Rynok Novogo Kiyeva is the primary source of income for Novogo Kiyeva. Ore mines are present on the outskirts of the city, but are mostly Deep Earth Drilling Sites, producing little in the way of usable ore, mostly rock for construction. The University is a center for scientific and educational advancement, but mostly does research projects for the businesses and government that make their home in Novogo Kiyeva.

Guilds and Factions

Chernyy rynok Yevropy - The underground market that is the primary source of crime and corruption in the city. Can find anything here, although sometimes you have to look a bit before you can find it.   Zemlya Seksa - The red light district. Doesn't hold much sway over the city besides the occasional... persuasion of city officials to keep their business legal.   Rynok Novogo Kiyeva - Primary market in Novogo Kiyeva. The port is included in this group, governed by the businessmen and authorities who work with the city on regulation of goods and cargo.   Grazhdanskaya Gvardiya - The militia of the city. The Police force is a branch of this group. Moves to create stricter laws on general. At odds with the Zemlya Seksa quite often due to being polar opposites in ideology.   Rukovodyashchiy Organ - The ruling body of the city. Composed of representatives of the city, and the president of Ukraine. The assembly is representative of the power that each previous faction holds at the moment.


The new capital of Ukraine after the Russian Army nuked the old capital of Kiev in the initial push for land after the formation of the Eastern Defense Bloc. The city originally consisted of the cities Kherson and Nikolaev. It grew between them and soon spanned the northern portion of the bay it sat upon. Quickly became a large city due to its position as the Gateway to Europe. It's access to the Black Sea gave it easy resources such as fish and pearl farms and the trade routes between Asia and Europe. After the initial success of the port quickly drew the eyes of businessmen from all over the world, both legal and illicit in nature, looking for escapes from their current regulations, making it the New Frontier of Trade.


Novogo Kiyeva is a vastly diverse city. The people that call the city home are from all over the world, bringing with them the architecture of their home. This causes the city to appear as if a movie set, a blended look to the buildings varying mostly by district, but sometimes merely by occupant.   Government Sector - Buildings made from marble in a hybrid of traditional slavic and more western influences such as the British Parliament and the United States White House combined with the Russian Kremlin.   Rynok Novogo Kiyeva - Single story to three story buildings. Mostly small footprint, but larger stores such as modern supermarkets and department stores are scattered throughout the district. Most are made from a stucco style material, with the sides facing the street lined with glass for the display of goods.   Zemlya Seksa - The district is composed primarily of older buildings from the city of Nikolaev, but down every street haphazard attachment of neon signs prevent residents from distinguishing night from day. Buildings only accessible by back alleys are not uncommon, mostly being drug dens and a few illicit trades.   High Class Residential[b/] - Tall buildings towering above the street by four or five stories, sometimes made entirely of glass. These buildings house the rich businessmen that help the city prosper with their trade.   Residential - Mostly apartments, but the higher the wealth of the resident the fewer units per building with more space per housing area. Mostly stucco buildings densely packed to maximize the use of space. Varied in height, but most are under five stories.


Ends of the city are at the historical cities of Kherson and Nikolaev. Eastern end of the city contains the delta of the river Dnipro as it flows into the Black Sea. Other than that the city controls the bay that it sits upon, but has grown unrestricted inland, away from the veins which feed the city's heart. Development of the city has led to the clearing of the woodlands that once surrounded the city on all sides inland, as well as the leveling of mountain tops around it. The city has a few hills upon which districts such as the government district and the high class residential district sit upon. The Wall that surrounds the city has destroyed most of the land surrounding the city in an attempt to prevent an enemies from approaching the city undetected.

Natural Resources

The primary natural resource for the city is fish. Pearls come in second, but only because of the farmers that brought them in to plant them along the coast of the city. However, fish is what feeds the factories that line the shore, canning facilities and metal fabrication facilities, abating the hunger of the European Union. The city tries to mine some of the metals they need from the surrounding lands, but even Deep Earth Drilling Sites are only providing meager amounts of metal. The lumber is long gone from the region, having been depleted in the early stages of construction for the city.
Alternative Name(s)
Fortress Kiev, Gateway to Europe
~5.3 Million
Inhabitant Demonym
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