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Eastern European Union

The Eastern European Union spans the distance from what was once Eastern Italy to Western Denmark. Initially fell when the Eastern Defense Bloc invaded, but was quickly regained by the amassed forces formed in France. Eastern Border is the Ural Mountains, a natural wall reinforced with bunkers and steel. The first line of defense against a second invasion, with various layers of defense and a permanent army stationed there, waiting for the order to defend their home. The western half gives way to the rolling green hills and wooded mountains of Germany and the surrounding countries. Contains most of the war material plants and robotic industries to keep them close to the front line for quick supply.


Mountainous in from the North to the South along the Eastern Border, Ural Mountains, with the Alps cutting through the middle of it like a scar. Predominantly hilly in most other areas with woodlands taking up a large area. Densely populated cities consist of Prague, Berlin, Sarajevo, Kiev, Hamburg, Munich, and Liechtenstein. The area is bordered on the north by the Balkan Sea, and the South by the Mediterranean Sea. This land is dotted with lakes and rivers, irrigating the land and watering the great forests of the area.

Fauna & Flora

Lumber consists mostly of Pine and Cedar. Underbrush is harmless for the most part, poison oak providing the greatest threat beyond the occasional thorn bush. Mountains do have sparse vegetation on them, only the hardiest of bushes and plants finding grip in the hard granite and marble in the region. Woodland creatures such as deer, rabbits, wolves, foxes, and boars are very prevalent in the area, even outside of the woods. Mountains are inhabited almost exclusively by birds of prey and mountain goats. Most animals and plants in the East are extremely cold tolerant, snow covering these areas for over half the year.

Natural Resources

The majority of the natural resources are ore in the ground, providing the raw material for the factories assembling and arming the army defending the eastern border and Ural mountains. Lumber is the second most prevalent resource in the region, carefully controlled by the European Conservation Bureau to prevent utter destruction of the woodlands. Agriculture is mostly the ranching of highland cattle and mountain goats, with a few farms growing heartier crops. Fishing is the primary food source as the region is bordered on two sides by seas.
Alternative Name(s)
Ural Defense Zone
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