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Almyl Dryadic Silver Forge

The Almyl Dryadic Silver Forge is a smithy in the town of Almyl, run by Gruin. It has a garden and a smithy built onto it as expansion units.  

Cactus Garden

The smell of green, growing life fills the air here. Lush vines laden with savoury tomatoes grow alongside mandrake root, ephedra, and even more esoteric herbs. It contains an assortment of herbs and grown vegetables. Each 7 days, the garden provides enough ingredients to make four potions off the following list: alchemist's fire, elixir of health, oil of etherealness, oil of slipperiness, philter of love, potion of animal friendship, potion of climbing, potion of diminution, potion of fire breath, potion of hill giant strength, potion of greater healing, potion of growth, potion of resistance (random), or potion of water breathing. After the herbs have been picked, each potion must be successfully brewed with a DC 15 alchemist supplies check. A failure destroys the gathered herbs used to brew that particular potion until they regrow after another 7 days.  

Gruin's Forge

The twang-clink of metal on metal, the roar of fire, and the hiss of steam create a symphony of construction that fills this expansion. Newly-forged weapons and tools line the walls, glittering with firelight from the forge and the promise of practical use. For 2 days worth of effort and half its listed price, any item on the Armor or Weapons tables in the Player's Handbook (pages 145-149) may be made here by a properly-skilled hireling or character, after completing a DC 10 smith's tools check. Certain items off of the Adventuring Gear (page 150) and Tools (page 154) tables may also be created here in a similar fashion. If a hireling skilled with smith's tools is assigned to this expansion, they count as a Tools, Weapons, or Medium or Heavy Armor merchant that is always present here. The quality of this merchant's wares changes every 7 days.
Founding Date
Blacksmith / Smithy
Parent Location
Owning Organization
Ace Ventura
Characters in Location

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