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Terra was once a peaceful world. The six tribes of man were comfortably divided. They acknowledged the similarities between them while respecting their subtle differences. There were plenty of resources to go around, a shortage in one place often meant an abundance somewhere else. And the times were always willing to trade with one another. Yes Terra was a peaceful place, but that was before the rise of the seventh tribe. Form out of the caves of chaos, the seventh tribe rose from the darkness and stepped for the first time into the light. They noticed the light was warm and inviting, unlike the cold and desolate familiarity of their caves. They noticed that the light traveled westward across the sky falling behind the vast plain, sending back into their familiar darkness. This light interested the seventh very much, and they decided that they never wanted to be without the light again. So they began to journey westward searching for the light that escaped their view. But terrifying things lurk in Terra's darkness. The seventh's were raised in darkness so the night was somewhat familiar to them, their eyes were just strong to make out the silhouette's of the monsters lurking in the dark. The sight of these monsters scared the sevenths back into their caves, where they would plot out a way to capture the light and use it to navigate the world freely. Over time the sevenths began to understand the light better, and they let it guide them into the rest of the world where they began interacting with the other tribes. But they were too different. A language barrier made communicating difficult, and their lack of cultural understanding caused the seventh to unwillingly disrespect some of the other tribes. Eventually the rest of the tribes began to shun the sevenths, and the sevenths hated them for this. The sevenths decided that if the tribes of man refused them, then they would refuse the tribes of man, and claim Terra all for themselves. Now the seventh's global conquest is nearly complete. Three of the original six tribes have been completely eradicated. One has been forcibly immersed into the seventh's way of life and has become an endangered people on the verge of extinction. There are only two tribes able to resist the empirical might of the seventh. In one case the tribe is struggling just to survive. But hope is not lost yet. Far to the west there lies a tribe said to be mightier than any other. They are believed to be the original tribe of man from which all others come. Their might is rumored to be divine in nature, and are believed to be more than capable of dismantling the seventh's mighty empire through the actions of a single man. Word of this threat has reached the Emperors ears, so he's sent a fleet to investigate the authenticity of these claims. This is where our story takes place. Tribe seven nearly complete in their conquest is making their return to origin, only to discover they have no conceptual understanding of true power.

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