Sand-Filled Sea

Forming the boundaries of Terra Ava, the Sand-Filled Sea surrounds the entire mainland. No life gets past the Sand-Filled Sea, while specially adapted birds live in it.

Edge of the World

Surrounding the entire world of Terra Ava is the Sand-Filled Sea. Its surface is a shimmering gold, while underneath are dark, gloomy waters. Many attempt to travel over the sea and explore new lands, but nobody has ever returned from their ventures.

Stories of ships sailing through the Sand-Filled Sea to be ripped apart by sandstorms and sandnadoes haunt people throughout the world. According to many legends, the sandy water of the sea falls off the edge of the world a million miles away from the mainland on all corners.

Life in the Sand-Filled Sea

Surprisingly there is a ton of birds in this sea. From sand falcons to hazel hawks, there are no shortage of predatory birds in the depths of this sea. Many have evolved gills to be survive underwater indefinitely, while many birds still possess lungs and rudimentary gills that help them stay underwater for several days at a time.

Many birds find themselves on the coastlines of the sea, where the murky waters lap onto the shores and cliffs. Azure puffins, gauntletbills and tropical weavers are just some cliff-based birds that dive headfirst into the waters to prey on entirely marine birds.

Natural Chaos

Under the surface is relatively calm and at peace, but above the surface of the sea is a different story. Sandnadoes, a particularly terrifying weather phenomena, run about the surface in groups, acting as intelligent animals when they chase after ships. Sandnadoes and sandstorms are incredibly common in the Sand-Filled Sea, much to the dispair of those who want to explore beyond the mainland.

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26 Mar, 2023 10:24

It sounds pretty, at least. I wonder what the truth is, if there is truly nothing beyond it.

Emy x   Etrea | Vazdimet
26 Mar, 2023 10:55

I'm not sure if I'll ever explore what's beyond it, but i know if there is something out there it's truly something remarkable. :D

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