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Kodakine Royal Lady-in-Waiting Uniform

The Royal Uniform of the Princess's Lady-in-Waiting
This dress is the everday uniform of Lady Emaline Alyssa Stauton, the personal lady-in-waiting to Princess Naia of Kodakine, chosen Oracle of the Sun. This uniform is made up of about 10 layers, including accessories.   1. The first layer (not including a thin cotton tanktop, underwear, and simple stockings) is the embroidered sleeves shirt, a garment made out of a sheer cream tulle with leaves emroidered on the sleeves in a gold thread. The base material is a easily accessible fabric to those in the middle to upper echalons of Kodaine society. The gold thread, however, is on the richer end of threads. The delicate leaf embroidery is there in gold to symbolize the wealth of the Kodakine royal family and to represent the country's main god, Koda, whose symbol is a sun framed with two stalks of leaves framing the bottom. The sleeve also has a thin trim of white lace along the bottom.   2. The second layer is a cotton shift to help support the structure of the gown as well as provide a layer between the more delicate fabrics and the skin.   3. Now is when the corset get pulled into play. Emmaline wears a beautifuly handcrafted corset, with a cream on cream brocade design with a natural boning. This garment has been shaped to Emmaline's form, both through wear and the expert tailoring of the team of royal seamstresses.   4. One of many silks is now put on. The underskirt (with an unstructured petticoat) is tied in the back using a muted green satin ribbon. The skirt itself is made of a rougher cream silk, imported from one of Kodakine's many trade partners. Despite the silk's tone down shine, it is still a fabric from one of the most pristine manufactures in the entire world of Terra. The silk was then expertly sewn by a Kodian seamstress, trimmed with an expensive white lace.   5. Our second tulle layer is made out of the same cream tulle with the same gold embroidery pattern on the skirt.   6. Next Emmaline ties on her underskirt pockets, made of a common muted green cotton and made by a common seamtress. These pockets are a common good, bought by Emmaline herself with her wages and were not provided by the castle, as the royal seamtresses often have much more important work on their hands.   7. The bodice is then worn, being hooked in the back with a line of close hook and eye closures that make a clean seam. The bodice has a simple square neckline, trimmed with the same delicate white lace as used at the bottom of the underskirt. Attached to the bodies are two mid-arm bishop sleeves, sinched with a golden satin ribbon. This is also our first garment made of an emerald green silk, a popular fabric in Kodakine. It is so popular as emerald green and gold are the golors of Kodakine's flag, with silk being perferrable as both acceptable in the warm weather often experience in the capital city of Solaria, which is an island, and the brisk ocean breazes the can be felt on the shoreline.   8. Layer 8 is the overskirt, made of the same silk as the bodice and trimmed with the same elegant white lace that has trimmed many of the garments worm by Emmaline. The skirt is them clasped in the front, a clasp that is expertly hidden by the next item.   9. Now we add our first primary accessory, a belt of sorts. Altough it resembles a bit of a waist trainer and laces up in the back, it provides little to no structural support. It's main purpose is to help redefine the waist shape that many of the structural garments have helped Emmaline to acheive. It is made of a nice, thick, gold fabric with three embroadered stripes and a lacve trim along the bottom.   10. And finally... accessories! Emmaline wears a thin gold circlet that denotes her status as the primary lady-in-waiting and interpreter to the princess. She also wears a satin, emerald green choker, another accessory afforded to her as a woman of status. Her daily shoe of choice is a lace up brown leather boot, of which are well worn to the point of maximun comfort but yet in excellent condition. These boots are a relic of Emmaline's early life as a lady in court, these boots origonally paying serice as her casual boot for visiting town. All of this is compouned with the final touch, a simple insignia of the crown. This insignia is a sign of her status with in the castle, functioing as a type of security clearence when applicable.   All in all, these layers have been designed with 3 main purposes in mind: 1. conveying status 2. breathability 3. modesty. Number 1 is achieved thorugh the excellent quailty of materials, extreme attention to detail in both the embroidery and trim, and in the colors and symbols representing important aspects of Kodikinian culture. Number 2 is acheived through thin and well made natural materials. With Kodakine being a land of sun, bless by a sun god, and Solaria being an island city, being able to comfortably work in warm weather while acheiving the desired silhouette is of vital importance. Number 3, while not a required aspect for most Kodakine society, as a royal worker, Emmaline is meant to represent the castle. To be as non-offensive as possible to all royal dignitaries visting the castle, a more modest appearence is an excellent way to remain neutral.  
(Emmaline in her uniform)
(Portrait of Lady Emmaline)
Item type
Clothing / Accessory

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Eternal Sage AmélieIS
Amélie I. S. Debruyne
4 Jun, 2021 06:55

Great article! Your illustrations are all very pretty and I love how you use them to show all the different layers, it's really helpful :D I love the historical design of the dress and all the details you've included (especially the pockets :p )   Small note: you need to add the artist credits or you'll be disqualified from the challenge, even if you're the artist yourself :p   "emerald green choker, another accessory afforded to her as a woman of status" are other people not allowed to wear one? Or is it expensive?   "these boots origonally paying serice as her casual boot for visiting town." You have two typos here at originally and service.   "his insignia is a sign of her status with in the castle, functioing as a type of security clearence when applicable." Is it a rule that she has to wear the insignia? I'd think everyone would recognise her, with how important she is. (typo at functioning by the way).   The article is great as it is, but you could also try to add some bolding to vary the design of the text a bit, either just at the numbers (1. Etc) or at what the layers are (e.g. pockets). Not necessary, but I think it might be nice :p

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4 Jun, 2021 10:16

This is a great article! The way you have an image for eacht layer of the outfit is very handy and well executed. It helps to give an idea about what each layer is. For the discription section it could also be nice to use headers instead of normal counters. :)

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