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In this world, much is like our own.

You have nations rising and falling throughout time. Great men and women rule and bring peace and prosperity. Discoveries blossom and shape what we know. But in this world there is also unrest and unease. War ravages on yet the mass populace are oblivious to their struggles. They are also oblivious as to what is below.
Below is the Underground, or Eryika if you want to be technical, and within this space lives Mystics. They have been on Terra for millennia and will continue to thrive in these secluded caverns and sprawling caves.They came to be when calamity forced them to flee and their god, Lady Morigama, created a world that they could survive in. They now live in seclusion, afraid of what mortal men may do if they were to ever dig deeper.
Times are changing in Terra, magic is seeping out and exploding across the land. More phenomena are occurring and persons are teeming with unknown power.

But shall all be well when Fate tries to intervene?