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Terra Ak'sul

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Welcome to Ak'sul.     Thousands of years ago the fall of the gods lead to the collapse of the Elven civilization and the Dwarves turning in on themselves, crumbling into separate peoples. As the elemental titans went into hiding the age of Grune came to an end.   Out in the Western deserts and plains the Gnollasha Nation, lead by the seers of the Three Sisters, still feuds with the Drakin Empire, whose people have sworn fealty to their Eternal Empress. Even after the peace treaties have been drawn each side still claims righteousness and superiority.   Yet rumors swirl around of a new god born in the East, and the court of the Eternal Empress has ordered an Emissary Caravan be assembled. As supplies are gathered and dignitaries chosen, a few unknowns slip their way through. Five souls find themselves brought together, not knowing the miles they will travel and the hardships they will endure.

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