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Terra - "Isle of Flightless Dragons"

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"Isle of Flightless Dragons"
An island where old magic is at it's most reliable and Nacre is at its abundance. Nacre is one of the domains where magic-users can draw immense power. Historians stated that the Dragon Goddess herself laid here after creating the world of Terra. The Isle is made up of six subsections:   "The Dragon's Wings": Also known as the Seat of Power. Those that revel in riches and luxuries lifestyles live here. The Three Pillars are seated here, and it provides a strategic foothold to the three subsections that it neighbors. Cities are well kept, and those that seek knighthood and mage craft flock here.   "Eyes of The Dragon": The northernmost point of the Isle and the coldest. Cold, barren lands and beaming white mountains stretch as far as the eyes can see and at its center, the magical hearth that provides substance to the life of its inhabitants. Shamans of various clans live here, and they don't take kindly to the Pillars infringing on them.   "Claws of The Dragon": An area of plains and valleys; the winds are known to carry a sweet smell. Villagers and settlers enjoy the rural lifestyles they can achieve here, unlike the cities. Those that obtain knighthood here are treated as second-class knights compared to those in the Capital. Mages and Clergymen are criticized for their "unorthodoxy" practices and teachings.   "Dragon Scales": Southernmost point and seen as the polar opposite of the Capital. The free cities are a place of low born and "ghetto" shantytowns that are overpopulated. Infurstrcter is unkept, and sewage can be smelt miles away! Despite these hardships, humility is plentiful, and an innate spirit of solidarity resides in the people here. Warriors and mages have achieved great skill despite their improper training.   "Smoke of the Dragon": Also known as the "Smokey Keys" or "Smokey Isle,"; the inhabitants here have an intense devotion to the Dragon God of fire. This Isle is broken down into three sections: One section harbors a petty feud between the church and the crown, where power wavers between them. Both reside (and share) in a giant opulent inactive volcano. The volcano use to represents an old tradition of shared power but know its a symbol of bitterness and political schemes. A vast and treacherous jungle makes up another section. Clans made up of warriors and shamans are pitted against each other for the jungle resources. The ruling clan chieftain upholds the fickleness of peace, and some have said they instead face the wilds of the jungle than the demands of Man. The last section is most noticeably the most peaceful one. Abbots and Abbess lead a peaceful monastery of monks in their search to find inner happiness in their walk with nature. Broken warriors and Convicts are here trying to find the light in a realm of darkness.   "Immortal Steppes": Also called the "Goddess' Approach." The birthing place of Mankind, historians have said that Man has resided here before braving the waters to get to the Isle. Tribes along the chain of the islands here are lead by a vizier who governs the teachings of water.

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