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The lack of eating utensils for Wood Elves

The Wood Elves, for some reason, reject any kind of cutlery.


The wood Elves believe that you have to honor your food. Sticking some kind of metal or wood inside of it is considered to be a disgrace for the food. It was one of many reasons why High Elves decided to move into their own cities. Wood Elves laughed at them for using these strange tools that the other races used. It opened the gap between them even wider. The Wood Elves think it is barbaric to use anything other than your hands to eat food, they are perfect. The High Elves believe the same about eating with your hand, thinking it unnecessary to mess up a perfectly clean hand.

Components and tools

That's the thing, there are none.


In every Wood Elf settlement you will notice that everyone eats with their hands. You will also notice it because there won't be any eating utensils for you either.
I don't know what it is with these Wood Elves. I was eating at a local tavern, waiting for my food. When they brought it I was missing cutlery, so I asked for some. They just laughed at me. Clever me obviously had some in my bag of holding (as everyone should, really). So I took them out and started eating. Next thing I know multiple Elves stand in front of me and throw me out! That is ridiculous. They didn't even care to bring me my cutlery, so now I have to live without it until I get out of here. I came here to see why tensions are arising between the Elves, but I think I can see why. These Wood Elves are just simple-minded barbarians.
— Richard von Ravencomb

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