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To most, Minosol is simply a small orange speck in the night sky, but the careful observer will see that it is among the Plaenats. Minosol's journey is the most erratic and unpredictable of the three Wanderers, leading many to believe she is the closest to Teria.   Since the creation of the Plaenats is not known for sure, only legends can be told. The most prevalent is that two thousand years ago lived a royal maid named Min. She committed no sins, and was praised throughout the realm for her piety. In her short life, she became queen and accomplished many great deeds. Upon her untimely death, Tal remembered the good deeds of her life, and honored her in death by placing her soul among the stars.   There are many questions with this, though. Did Min actually exist? Historical records do not mention a Min, neither do they mention the sudden appearance of a bright orange star. In fact, no history goes back two thousand years without resorting to pure legend. So that is what this tale shall stay: pure legend.

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