Gallant Unicorn Inn

The Prancing Unicorn is a fairly average inn in Stockzign¬†. It was built sometime during the 2nd Dragon War and by Adam Bergill and his family. Unfortunately his Wife and two children passed away due to illness.   After the tear in reality that opened Abyssal Gates across the Continent the Gallant Unicorn became the Base of Operations for the Menardians


The building is built of Clay brick with a gray gypsum mud plaster and Oak supports. The Main floor is built on a raised foundation with a crawl space used to catch refuse. The Upper rooms are furnished in aged furniture mostly of Republic of the Valley design. A "Unicorn Horn" Resides over the mantle although investigation by a sufficently knowledgable mage or scholar would determine that the horn is in fact of a silver dragonborn.


The building has been reinforced with boards and stones along the base, and soaked hides and clothes are thrown along the roof to resist fire. The Stock House has been heavily reinforced and the central dining room has been refurbished to serve as a command post for the soldiers gathered together by the Menardians


The inn was established by Adam Bergill in 437 BI. Using money gained as a soldier employed to the Republic of the Valleyduring the Second Dragon Wars.
In the year 441 BI it was expanded to incorporate an extended dining area and an upper floor with 18 rooms.
In the year 457 BI it was converted into the command HQ of the Menardians during the Abyssal Rapture.


Many come here to see the unicron horn.   This site is also frequented by adventurers due to its stock of healing potions and adventuring materials.
Founding Date
437 BI
Parent Location
Owning Organization
Characters in Location


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